Hugh Hewitt and ABCnews.coms Jake Tapper

When you have an hour or so, go check out the whole thing, covered in three posts: Here, Here, and Here.
And this is the post that started it all: Go Here
Mr. Hewitt does have a way with words….

“I have just concluded a 60 minute interview with’s Jake Tapper, which concluded with Jake promising me that “it is my intention to put up as much of this as possible,” which means the public will have available to it a quite spirited discussion of MSM and its ethics, as well as David Vitter’s troubles, old journalism’s biases, and Mitt Romney and my book.”

“It isn’t journalism they practice, but a sort of high-end yodeling: shouting out cliches which, when echoed back, they take for proof positive of their prejudices. It is all very amusing –until you realize that the lives of millions of Iraqis and eventually millions of Americans areimperiled by their collective incompetence. Walter Duranty was knowing dupe of mass murderers, and this generation of MSM dupes are not knowing at all. But their reckless disregard for the obvious consequences of their one-sided approach to the war and politics will be as infamous as Duranty’s, and the disdain for their “work” just as deep a generation down the road.”

And this:

“Mr. Tapper requested that Hugh, in his position of influence, give MSM the benefit of the doubt in how they are trying to do their job. Perpahs that can begin the moment the same MSM, in their position of influence, begin to give General Petraeus and the troops the same benefit of the doubt by covering the sincerity and intent of their job, and fairly report on the progress and outcome of the surge.”

Once again, Mr. Hewitt is spot on with his analysis of dino media. Go Hugh GO!
Jenny Hatch
PS I’ve mentioned before that one of my favorite sports is watching the slow and painful death of old media. It brings so much joy to my heart, and has provided many laugh out loud moments of fun and revelry at our house. Go read this entry, lately it has been getting tons of traffic….har har

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