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  • Maxine Waters just told me to go to Hell…

    I’m wondering how much more the American Taxpayer will be willing to put up with…

    Did Maxine Waters honestly think that we would just sit down, shut up, and PAY UP, without any sort of protest?  Has she studied American History?  Does she not understand that the first Revolutionary War in America was an ECONOMIC war?  Does she understand that those of us who descend from Patriots have liberty embedded in our hearts and we were not going to sit idly by and watch a group of Marxists steal the American Dream from our Children and Grandchildren?

    Did she honestly think that we would just quietly watch on our televisions as A group of Moonbats Looted the treasury and allowed a Parasitic Democratic Congress to change everything in the blink of an eye?

    How much more money does she expect the Taxpayers to put into a FAILED welfare state?  How many more babies ABORTED with Taxpayer Money?  How many more children growing up with Government for a Father?  How many more innocents chained as slaves to a permanent indentured servitude in the form of BENEFITS and Student Loans?

    Yes, we were going to rise up and we did rise up and a sleeping giant has awoken and is not going to go back to sleep until the Marxists are driven out of power.

    Telling us to go to hell is like a dog biting the hand that feeds it.

    Jenny Hatch


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