Sams Theatrical Resume’ – Preparing for his audition at the Shakespeare Festival


Samwise Gandalf HatchI am pleased to announce that we have another actor in the Hatch household.  Samwise Gandalf Hatch will be auditioning for the Cedar City Shakespeare Festivals Production of The Wizard of Oz soon, trying for the part of the dog Toto.

I put together this resume along with a head shot for Sams audition…mostly for fun, but am anxious to see how he does as an actor.

Sam’s Theatrical Resume’

Samwise Gandalf Hatch was born in the spring of 2006. A seven year old pure bred Silky Terrier, he is considered by all as the youngest of six children in the Paul and Jenny Hatch family.
Sam has several acting credits to his name.
For the past three years he has added a certain Shakespearean quality to the family nativity, playing the role of the sheep with a credibility and sensitivity not usually present in such a young actor.

This past year we had a live tree for the first time, and during our nativity Sam thanked the family for providing him with an indoor urinal to the chagrin of Papa who scolded him. We do not anticipate this happening during The Wizard of Oz, unless if live trees are used on stage as part of the set.

Sam has loved the part of Toto since he was a puppy, often mistaking the movie dog as a distant cousin during family viewings of the film. Each time he saw the dog on the screen he would bark excitedly, perhaps knowing that someday this coveted star role for dogs was his to be played.

Sam has a complete disdain for witches or anyone who looks or sounds like a wicked witch. He will not have difficulty convincing the audience of his complete and utter protection of his beloved Dorothy.

Jenny is very aware of the time commitment involved in a show and will make certain to have Sam at all rehearsals and performances he is called to.

Contact Information:

Samwise Gandalf Hatch

Agent/Momager: Jenny Hatch

Owner: Benjamin Hatch

Note: One of the reasons I was excited to move to Cedar City was simply to be around this festival, if my dog makes it into a show before I do…IRONY!

Jenny Hatch Yoga InstructorJenny Hatch

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