Dear Lois, Apology not accepted …Tea Party Organizer Jenny Hatch Video Response


A couple of points:

imageFirst, I gave the opening speech at the first Colorado Tea Party back in Feb. of 2009, a few weeks after the first Obama inauguration.

The Colorado Independent was the only press to show up to our event, even though I personally sent press releases to all of the Colorado Mainstream Press:

Second, I was an active participant in all of the early planning meetings, email chats, and online networking that was happening the first year of Tea Party Activism in 2009.

Point being that I was not just a casual attendee or helper, I was one of the main organizers in Colorado.

Third, I was so disgusted by the disorganized mess that was the Tax Day Colorado Tea Party on April 15th, 2009, the various infighting, posturing for power, kowtowing to party politics, and general disorganization, that I made the decision to organize my own event for the 9-12-2009 Constitution Celebration that was being promoted by Glenn Beck.

Please note, I did not have any guidance, instruction, financing, or outside help while organizing this event, despite Nancy Pelosi calling us astroturf.  Tea Partiers tend to hate both political parties at about the same level.

Fourth, I was angered but not surprised when my online registration form at the IRS web site was rejected with the words Tea Party in the form.

Fifth, the blowback on me and my family was a reminder that political dissent was no longer acceptable in Obamas world. I will not outline the different tactics that were used to disuade me from my activism, but if a financial audit had happened, I would not have been surprised based on the subtle but real intimidation that was already taking place.

Sixth, the IRS should be abolished as soon as possible before Obamacare ensures that all American Citizens walk in daily terror of the Federal Government.  Steve Forbes flat tax is looking pretty good about now.



That is me holding the American Flag at the first Colorado Tea party

Jenny HatchJenny For Radio

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  1. […] My Long Term readers know that I was very involved in the Tea Party movement on line and at the local level in Colorado.  I organized several events at the Denver Capitol, and also was the opening speaker of the first Denver Tea Party in February of 2009.  I wrote a blog post last week titled Dear Lois, Apology NOT Accepted. […]

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