A few thoughts on the election and more on Common Core, Obamacare, and Ebola


UPDATE: November 23rd 2014 I have been laughing my butt off over the #GruberGate story these past two weeks. Too much fun for this free market health care blogger. Here is the summery video: A few of my favorite tweets from election night: Wipe that stupid grin off your face, GOP. Sucking marginally less than … Continue reading

Blogging Mothers Magazine September 2014 Edition

Blogging Mothers Magazine LOGO

Last night I put the magazine cover post on the site. I have been really busy the past few weeks, so I did not take the time to create a true Cover with links and photos. Just do not have time. But go HERE to read this months edition of the Magazine. I was contacted … Continue reading

#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Parties to shame the Press

Twitter Party cdcwhistleblower

#CDCwhistleblower NIGHTLY Twitter Parties to shame the Press into doing their job: Jenny Hatch Radio Show http://t.co/Olo0d4nixE @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 29, 2014 My Radio Show from this morning…

#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party – Parents trend hashtag while demanding answers from the Center for Disease Control


#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Party – Parents trend hashtag while demanding answers from the Center for Disease Control http://t.co/1AITyOwqh0 — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 27, 2014 VIDEO Report on the #CDCwhistleblower party by @JennyHatch https://t.co/GzKWhe1lLc — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 27, 2014 TONIGHT Biggest TWITTER PARTY EVER!!! #CDCwhistleblower @JennyHatch #autismspeaks READ MORE: http://t.co/xISDNcewdP pic.twitter.com/vIk04ccdCU — … Continue reading

Watch “American Addict The Movie – Trailer” on YouTube


Jon Rappaport: RIP, Psychiatry: The “Chemical Imbalance Theory” is DEAD!


NOW can we take everyone who has been court ordered to eat psychiatric pills off their meds?  And all those parents who had children ripped out of their arms for refusing to medicate, could we give them back their babies?  Oh, and everyone who now suffers from Diabetes helped with their new lifelong ailment by … Continue reading

Maryanne Godboldo is being bullied by the state of Michigan AGAIN!


Cross posted at The Bitter Pill: HERE! Still in court. Decision postponed until March. http://t.co/RVvnEcXJud — justice4maryanne (@jstice4maryanne) February 15, 2014 Judge postpones decision on Godboldo criminal case after Court of Appeals reversal “(WXYZ) – The Detroit mother who refused to hand her daughter over to child protective services workers made was back in court … Continue reading

My Latest Post at The Bitter Pill BLOG:


Cross Posted HERE A couple of years ago, in fact it was March 21st, 2010, the Health Care Bill passed the House of Representatives, I had Amy on my radio show and we talked about what is was going to mean for Moms.  I was feeling completely dejected that day.  At the last minute The Mothers Act … Continue reading

Obamacare Chaos: Our ticket to FREEDOM!


Originally posted on The Bitter Pill:
A couple of years ago, in fact it was March 21st, 2010, the Health Care Bill passed the House of Representatives, I had Amy on my radio show and we talked about what is was going to mean for Moms.  I was feeling completely dejected that day.  At the…

Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story of Vaccines by Gary Null

I watched this movie tonight on You Tube. Give it an hour or so of your time… Jenny Hatch

Alinsky Rule 12 used by The Skeptical OB Amy Tutuer MD every freaking day on her blog!


A pictorial of Saul Alinsky, his book Rules for Radicals and the most pathetic Blogger on the internet, Dr. Amy Tutuer MD. This photo encapsulates Dr. Amy’s blogging style which is Rule 12 of Alinskys Book. Jenny Hatch

Skeptical OB STILL lives to mock, heckle, and destroy those of us who embrace Natural Family Living…


In the past few days I have had a huge uptick in traffic from those interested in my Dr. Amy posts. She is the blogging OB I outed as a fraud a few years ago when it became painfully obvious “she” is a cabal of bloggers using the web to spew against natural family living. … Continue reading

Un Breaking Birth Video Presentation – US Maternal Mortality Rate going up, up, up!


This presentation really wowed me. Especially the graphic at the three and a half minute mark on Maternal Mortality. From the information linked on the Video: For more information: http://www.unbreakingbirth.org To support our effort for change: http://rally.org/unbreakingbirth What if something is deeply wrong with our childbirth system? Highly-trained specialists working in well-equipped hospitals manage most … Continue reading

#MakeDCListen Cruz and Lee on the Senate Floor right now!


Please share these images on social media: JennyHatch

Video Series: Simple Truths about Psychiatry by Peter Breggin MD

Jenny Hatch Healing Journey in Pictures

Over the years I have been contacted by a number of people in the throes of distress around post partum psychosis. I have had many emails from husbands, parents, and mothers themselves requesting my help during this horrifying life event. I am not a professional. If you or a loved one is experiencing a post … Continue reading

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