#CDCwhistleblower Twitter Parties to shame the Press

Twitter Party cdcwhistleblower

#CDCwhistleblower NIGHTLY Twitter Parties to shame the Press into doing their job: Jenny Hatch Radio Show http://t.co/Olo0d4nixE @JennyHatch — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 29, 2014 My Radio Show from this morning…

Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story of Vaccines by Gary Null

I watched this movie tonight on You Tube. Give it an hour or so of your time… Jenny Hatch

One More Girl Movie Clips from Experts: HPV VACCINE FRAUD


Here are a few clips from the Movie: One More Girl The Truth About Guardasil Memorial I have had many dark moments since 2006 when I first began blogging about the HPV Vaccine Hoax. Maybe this documentary will help. Jenny Hatch

Thoughts on a passing scene…


Today Is my first week of school, first full week.  It feels so odd to be in class with dozens of people in their twenties. I remember when I was at BYU the random older adults who attended class.  I became friends with a woman in one of my classes who was a grandma, and … Continue reading

How Bleak will the dark night of Medical Fascism Become?

Jen with URL

I was just watching c-span and the host was talking with his guest about health care and the teaparty “people”. Many callers took the time to share views on “what the teaparty people” think, and although none claimed to be members of this maligned crowd, it was interesting to me to have others attempting to … Continue reading

Just another bunch of political criminals, in a long line of Crisis and Crony Capitalists tied to Government Insider Trading

obama gets shot

EXPLOSIVE ‘60 MINUTES’ REPORT REVEALS WIDESPREAD WASHINGTON CORRUPTION BREITBART CALLS FOR SPENCER BAUCUS TO RESIGN FROM CONGRESS I was just over on Andrew Breitbarts site and watched the above reports from 60 minutes that ran tonight and a radio program, The Victory Sessions, where Andrew called for Spencer Baucus to resign for insider trading… Quite … Continue reading

Blogging Mothers Magazine October 2011 Edition

Paul Hatch Family August 2011

This Edition of the Magazine is focused on the whole Gardasil Debate that has taken place these past few weeks since Michele Bachmann made an issue of it in the last GOP Debate. Since the Gardasil conversation is one that for me goes back to before the Vaccine was even put on the market and … Continue reading

This is why I left the Republican Party…

Natural Family Roses

Katie Wright at Age of Autism: By Katie Wright “Has the Republican Party lost its mind? Are they trying to alienate every mother, grandmother and young woman in the Unites States? I thought the Republican party believed in the paramount importance of individual rights and responsibilities, financial accountability of the federal government to the taxpayers … Continue reading

Shots in the Dark, Silence on Vaccines

I watched this documentary today. It was very well done. Take some time to give it a look. Jenny Hatch

Roundup of All Natural Family Blog Posts that mention Gardasil, just for Rick Perry and his Crony Capitalists


For the past six years I have relentlessly debated Vaccines on this blog and on the web, mostly at Free Republic but also at the personal blog of the late Cathy Seipp, (who I believe was a paid shill for Drug Companies), as well as the comment sections of her articles at National Review Online. … Continue reading

Russell Blaylock: Facts about HPV and Gardasil

Marck vs Girls

Dr. Blaylock is one of many physicians in the United States who has stood publicly for nutritional healing therapies over Drug Therapies.  This interview is a fifteen minute smackdown of probably the worst example of Big Pharma Deception and Fraud that has ever hit America. Jenny Hatch  Dr. Blaylock is a board certified neurosurgeon, health … Continue reading

Top 25 Posts at The Natural Family Blog – Vaccines, Vaccines, and more Vaccines


Although I have stated that the Natural Family BLOG is dedicated to homebirth, my top posts from the past two years might indicate something else. Since I started writing this blog in 2005, one of the main goals has been to help families get to the root cause of illness.  I was a vaccine damaged … Continue reading

Update from Maryanne Godboldo *Action Item

Justice for Maryanne Godboldo A message from Maryanne Godboldo: “Thank you to everyone who has participated in the singing of the petition, to all who have emailed and called. You have been absolutely incredible. The support and the prayers have helped – above and beyond and they are still working. We are extremely thankful for … Continue reading

Forced Vaccinations without Parents Consent…

And of course, the parents are responsible for all medical bills, funeral bills, and fallout that results from said Vaccines. Jenny Hatch Pharma-backed legislation to allow secret vaccinations of children without parental consent about to become law in California Learn more:  http://www.naturalnews.com/033629_vaccinations_parental_consent.html#ixzz1YVYzJ6LB (NaturalNews) Growing and widespread public awareness about the dangers associated with vaccines has … Continue reading

A “Lovely” chat with some folks over at Free Thoughts Blog


I was so pleased with the efforts of Michelle Bachmann during the latest debate and her interviews with the press around the whole Gardasil issue that I wrote up a couple of comments sharing a few links and blasted around the web looking for news sights and blogs where I could post without being a … Continue reading

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