Unassisted Childbirth in the NEWS!

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We have had several really great new articles written about Unassisted Childbirth in the past few days! Maine Mom gives birth in the driveway! A lovely LDS family was featured in this article from California. Extreme home-birthing, alone and unassisted “Krissy Rich had been in active labor for five hours on the floor of her … Continue reading

Jenny Hatch: My Family Birth Story

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Click HERE to listen to this podcast at Blog Talk Radio. Or Click Below! Buy My Book A Mother’s Journey HERE on Amazon’s Kindle!

Mom Blogger at Sofia Says had an Unassisted Pregnancy and Birth!

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I had a nice interview with Mom Blogger Gemma from Sofia Says Blog. She gave birth for the first time two months ago in a complete unassisted childbirth after doing her own prenatal care. Go HERE to listen to the podcast! Thanks for your time Gemma! Sofia at five minutes old! Jenny Hatch

Carla Hartley on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show


I was so pleased to have Birth Educator and Founder of Ancient Art Midwifery Carla Hartley on my Radio Show! Here is the complete interview. And a ten minute You Tube Clip: Jenny Hatch  To listen to another one of Jennys Interviews with the movers and shakers of Birth Activism Click HERE for her interview … Continue reading

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