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Recently I put together a few of my favorite home birth prep supplies all in one online store to help families prepare for a home birth. Here are the links: To aid in your homebirth preparations click here for supplies! Family Childbirth Education Click for Books and Videos Click for Childbirth Kits and Baby Scales … Continue reading

Birth without Fear Blog: Normalizing Birth One Baby At a Time: An Unassisted Birth Story

Weighing baby at the supermarket

I really loved reading this birth story today.  So inspiring!  Jenny Hatch Normalizing Birth One Baby At a Time: An Unassisted Birth Story  Jackson Timothy Lee Born October 11th at 11:30pm. 7lbs, 20 inches Our second unassisted birth was nothing like our first, but was wonderful just the same. The first was my husband and … Continue reading

Freebirth, A Story by Jenny Hatch

This is my Unassisted Childbirth Story…   Jenny Hatch

Unassisted Childbirth: Why Do It? Jenny Hatch explains why she chose to do it…

Jenny with Benjamin three hours after the birth October 25, 2002

In this video I explain why I chose to learn Mothering Self Reliance…

Jenny Hatch

Sophias Unassisted Waterbirth

From Sophias Mother: “I forgot to put in the video that she weighed 9 lbs 5 oz and that the labor was 2 hours and 17 minutes start to finish! :)”

The 2nd International Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference

It was my complete honor to organize the 2nd Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference in Colorado in 2001.  Since the Conference Paul and I have added another son to our family. Freeborn Benjamin Johnson is featured in the video above. I recently uploaded the Conference videos to You Tube. The complete conference videos are embedded below. The … Continue reading

Dissertation on Motherhood

Hatch Family October 2012

Dissertation Thesis: The New Millennium finds the modern woman at a crossroads. Will we continue on this path of destruction forged by medical science, or will we claim our sovereignty as women and restore/retain The Divine Feminine and claim our freedoms of self-determination? Hatch Family 2004 Written by Jenny M. Hatch: For her Doctorate in Motherhood. … Continue reading

JOYFUL Freebirth!

A Child Birth: Unassisted Childbirth

Unassisted childbirth is a calling! Reading the stories of mothers giving unassisted birth, I see the red thread of spirituality running through their souls and connecting them in a sorority of the Female Creative Energy of the Universe, Nature. Childbirth Video Clips from A Child Birth Web Site

Mikah’s Unassisted Homebirth

I just found this amazing birth on You Tube! more about "Mikah’s Unassisted Homebirth", posted with vodpod

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