Dear Lois, Apology not accepted …Tea Party Organizer Jenny Hatch Video Response


A couple of points: First, I gave the opening speech at the first Colorado Tea Party back in Feb. of 2009, a few weeks after the first Obama inauguration. The Colorado Independent was the only press to show up to our event, even though I personally sent press releases to all of the Colorado Mainstream … Continue reading

Alinsky tactics being used to Derail #StopCommonCore activists, The Delphi Technique – What it is and How to Disrupt it…


This first video is an excellent overview of the whole Common Core Agenda. Today this clip made the rounds on Twitter. It is a short video taken at a Missouri Common Core Community Meeting on May 2nd 2013. The video is unique because it shows the Delphi Technique in action. It also depicts the response … Continue reading

The Plot Thickens. Glenn Beck continues to stun with his revelations about Saudi Student Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi. Coverup at The Department of Homeland Security? Janet Napolitano Perjury?

Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi

UPDATE: Later that day… Breaking from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit Saudi Student Alharbi visited the White House several times Perhaps he just went to have Milk and Cookies with the Obama girls? Jenny Hatch ORIGINAL POST On the morning of the Boston Marathon my friend Cindy posted a picture of her sister in law … Continue reading

My Favorite Reporter, Jack Cashill on My Favorite TV Show, Book TV

Banner 3

I have read just about everything Jack Cashill has written over the past few years. He is my favorite reporter. Here is a link to his Web Site. The video above is just a clip, to watch the whole program on C Span, CLICK HERE! Jenny Hatch

Light with David A. Bednar – Patterns of the Light of Christ

David A Bednar

David A. Bednar shares thoughts on The Light of Christ More Here: The Spirit of Revelation Natural Family Living VIDEO of the Day:  

Remember Building 7 came down… and it was not hit by a plane

Twin Towers

Check out these videos and Radio Interviews I conducted around 911 Truth! JennyHatch Barbara Hartwell on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show: Click HERE Jonathan Elinoff on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show: Click HERE

Corsi VIDEO: Obama Wedding Ring??? Questions…


More questions swirling around the commander in chief… Dr. Corsi has the right tone.  This is not about hating and exposing a gay man.  It is about the truth. JennyHatch

It’s not about what he’s done, It’s about what he plans to do next: Fool me Twice

Jen with URL

Barack Obamas 2012 Agenda and beyond… Fool me Twice Jenny Hatch

Recovery from Post Partum Psychosis

Boulder Canyon

This Montage is a short overview of my life before and after Post Partum Psychosis. Jenny Hatch

Marxism in America..

Colorado Blue Bird

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