Obama Fail Memes


For me, the most exciting part about the Presidential Primary race is knowing that the long, painful death march Obama termed Hope and Change is almost behind us. I see nothing but prosperity and purposeful living ahead. The American People have had the most profound education possible regarding the folly of having a closeted Marxist … Continue reading

A few thoughts on the Trump phenomenon

It Slays me to watch all these ruling class journalists wet themselves over The Donald https://t.co/f0aEKG0Low @JennyHatch @realDonaldTrump — Jenny Marie Hatch (@JennyHatch) August 11, 2015 I have been sick in bed for the past few days and have done little more than watch, read, think, laugh out loud, and read some more about the … Continue reading

GOP Debate COMPLETE Video with a few of my favorite tweets thrown in for color


I really enjoyed watching the debate online. *Note to the media companies who are hosting these debates.  GET MORE SERVERS ONLINE!!!  You guys have a responsibility to provide coverage to everyone who wants to tune in live whether through cable tv or online.  I had to wait until this morning to watch the whole thing, … Continue reading


Stop Hillary

I have spent a considerable amount of time whacking the Clintons here on my Blog these past ten years. When Hillary announced on Sunday I found myself feeling ill. Please sign Freedom Works petition to STOP HILLARY. Here are a few tweets I felt compelled to share the day of and just after her announcement. … Continue reading

Media and the truth, #CDCWhistleblower story continues to be ignored

CDC Whistleblower

The Media has been taking a pounding this past week with all of the stories about Brian Williams. The fourth estate is supposed to be the entity in our society that holds the powers that be accountable to the people. Sharyl Attkisson did a powerful Ted Talk this past week outlining the tactics used by … Continue reading

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