Three Branches of Government according to the President

road to ObamaCare

A few of the Presidents Chicago pals have a message for him in this video. And for some reason he forgot to profile these folks in his State of the Union: These low information posers profiled on Jimmy Kimmel will give you a good laugh… The state of our Union could not be more questionable … Continue reading

Maxine Waters just told me to go to Hell…

I’m wondering how much more the American Taxpayer will be willing to put up with… Did Maxine Waters honestly think that we would just sit down, shut up, and PAY UP, without any sort of protest?  Has she studied American History?  Does she not understand that the first Revolutionary War in America was an ECONOMIC … Continue reading

David Horowitz: News Real Blog-President Clinton, stalking our Nation's Most Intelligent Liar

John C Drew PhD Reports: “Purely by chance, I happened to be in Little Rock, AR just when news broke regarding President Clinton’s role in the Obama administration’s illegal effort to offer a job to Rep. Joe Sestak in return for a political favor.  It turns out that ex-President Bill Clinton was in town that day … Continue reading

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