Fox News: Greta Van Susteren interviews Jenny McCarthy “On the Record” on her sons Autism

I thought this interview was the best one Jenny has done so far. Thanks Fox and Greta for taking the time to do such a great interview. Jenny Hatch PS Who does not bother to be “fair and balanced” on this blog, and thus will NOT share the recent letter from the American Academy of … Continue reading

Premature babies ‘need cuddles’

Premature babies ‘need cuddles’ “Professor Linda Franck, from the Institute of Child Health in London, said that parents were often not encouraged to have skin to skin contact with their premature babies in UK neonatal units, despite growing evidence that it could help. She said: “Neonatal units can be very intimidating places, and parents often … Continue reading

The Business of Being Born is now out on DVD!!!

Family Photos: The Baig Family

Make an on-line slide show at Susans home spun life

Midwifery Today: Options for Placentas

Options for Placentas This article had some great information about Placentas and what to do with them after birth. I wrote a book called A Lotus Birth that discusses all of the ins and outs of birthing this way. Go Here to purchase this ebook from my web site. Jenny Hatch Make video montages at … Continue reading

The Brewer Pregnancy Diet

Sometimes what looks like “toxemia syndrome” is actually something else

Low Birth Weight Babes

Here is a link to some great information on nutrition, to help prevent low birthweight in babes. The following is reprinted from What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know, a book on the Brewer Diet, by Gail Sforza Brewer and Tom Brewer, MD, first published in 1977.

Permission to Mother now available

Yet another holistically minded doctor has added her voice to the chorus of Mommy Knows Best! Go Check out her blog and read her book. Denise Punger MD FAAFP IBCLC & her husband John Coquelet DO are in private practice in St. Lucie County, Florida. They have three unschooled, drum-banging, karate-kicking sons. (Their hair is … Continue reading


Chris at House of Harris Blog had a great post recently about Mothers Intuition. Go Here to read it.

Blessing Way for Susana TONIGHT!

My dearest friends Susana is having her blessing way tonight. Here is the text of her blog entry that describes her Christian Blessing Way. Jenny Hatch Here is a link to my own Blessing Way Ceremony

Spirit Led Birth

Go check out the Spirit Led Birth Site. Fabulous! Jenny Hatch

Anna Stewart: Mother Blessings: Honoring Women Becoming Mothers

I met Anna at a Birth Lodge when I was expecting my son Andrew in 1995. We became fast friends and she has always had a place in my heart. Her passion for healing birth and helping women connected us, and the fact that we both love to write and document this thing called life … Continue reading

Hana Peace Works Newsletter

The First Ever Film Festival About Birth Motherbaby International Film Festival premiered in Portland Oregon, hosted by the first annual Gentle Birth Conference, and was a huge success. Twenty six films were shown over the 3 day conference, grouped and scheduled thematically and followed by panel discussions led by filmmakers, educators, and local community leaders. … Continue reading

Ricki Lake takes on baby birthing industry

Actress and former talk show host shares: Actress and former talk show host shares her at-home delivery in new film By Mike Celizic contributor updated 9:59 a.m. MT, Thurs., Jan. 10, 2008 When Ricki Lake was giving birth six years ago to her second son, Owen, she wasn’t thinking about ever sharing the video … Continue reading

Unassisted Childbirth Testimonial 1 – The Ojala Family

This is a new catagory on my blog. I am taking testimonials from families who have moved from hospital birth to unassisted childbirth. Here is the first from Jamine Ojala: Make photo slide shows at This video is available on My Share Page at One True Media.

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