Birth Statistics

The most recent birth statistics for America are from the year 2002. I believe if one is going to take the personal responsibility to forego prenatal care, and build a healthy child using scientific nutritional principles, it is helpful to have an idea of where we are at as a country in terms of birth stats.
Here is a link to the CDC’s most recent stats. Go Here
I find it interesting that while the CDC raves about the fact that prenatal care has gone up, that even with increased prenatal care, the C-section rate, pre maturity rates, and low birthweight have also in fact increased.
Is there a connection to women using Allopathic care and then having an increase in these medical conditions which have been so harmful to the lasting health of children? Go Here for more detailed information about the birth statistics.
Quick overview of Stats:
2002 C-Section rate: 26.1% (rate has risen 26% since 1996)
VBAC rate: 12.6% (Plummeted 23% from the previous year)
Late or no prenatal care: 3.6% (Lowest ever)
Induction of Labor: 20.6% (more than double the 1989 level of 9%)
Preterm (under 37 weeks gestation) Birth: 12.1% (rate risen 14% since 1990)
Postterm (over 42 weeks gestation) Birth: 6.7% (rate has tumbled 41% since 1990 from 11.3%)
Low Birth weight (less than 2,500 grams): 7.8% the highest rate reported in three decades
Day of the week of birth: Tuesday 2/3 more than on Sunday (The overall index of occurance on saturday and sunday has declined 12 and 20 percent respectively, since 1982)
Eclampsia rate: 3.2%
Press Release for 2002 statistics:
Go Here
Preliminary Data for 2003: Go Here
Quote from 2003 preliminary report:
“The cesarean delivery rate rose for the seventh straight year. Preliminary 2003 data show that 27.6 percent of all births were cesarean deliveries, a marked 6-percent increase from 2002.
The percent of babies born preterm (less than 37 weeks of gestation) rose from 12.1 in 2002 to 12.3 in 2003, continuing its steady increase since the mid-1990s.
The percent of babies born at low birthweight (under 2,500 grams) rose from 7.8 percent in 2002 to 7.9 percent in 2003. Low birthweight has gradually increased since the mid-1980s.
So, I guess my question is: What is going on here?
We have more women in America having medical prenatal care than ever before. Why these huge jumps from one year to the next in C-section rates??? Prematurity??? and Low Birth weight???
Will these trends continue to escalate?
I will post the final tallies for 2003 when the report is compiled, and will share any and all information on 2004 and 2005 when it becomes available.
WHO is going to turn the tide back to what is natural and normal?
Quote from Henci Goer:
“We seem to have spent the last few years reeling from assault after assault on the concept of normal birth. Have you wondered, as I have, what is going on? Why is our side of the story nowhere to be heard? Why, for example, isn’t the rising cesarean rate—which translates into about half a million unnecessary major operations per year at a cost of over $1 billion to our health care system—considered newsworthy?
Why are mainstream media rife with the grossest misinformation about cesarean section, VBAC, induction, epidurals—you name it—with nothing, nothing coming from our side other than an occasional tidbit tacked on in the name of balanced reporting, but clearly not meant to be taken seriously?
I think I have the answer: This isn’t a matter of chance; it’s a concerted effort. Here’s what I think happened…”
WHEN are we as families going to DEMAND efficacy in Prenatal care? Birth? and Education?
When is some governmental agency going to investigate these rapid increases in surgical rates? And what rate is going to jolt the American Public into some sort of activism? A c-section rate of 40%, 50%, 75%???
Or will we believe that these surgeries are all justified, and mothers and babies would have died without them?
Something to think about…
Jenny Hatch
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