The most yummy OATMEAL

The burrs on my first roller mill dulled after many years of almost daily use, and recently we purchased a second mill HERE!
The main reason to roll your own oats is simply for the freshness factor. You can purchase Whole Oat Groats from any health food store and then use the mill to roll the oats and cook them up fresh. The difference in taste and nutrition level is markedly improved when the grains are freshly ground.
To make our morning oats I prepare the water by putting about 6 cups of water in our cooking pot.

Then I add in one teaspoon of sea salt, three whole cloves, three whole cardamon pods, and a cinnamon stick. I throw the spices into the pot in threes so I can remember to fish them out before serving. Nobody like to chomp down on a cardamon pod. I bring this up to a hard boil and then add in a sprinkling of whole flax seeds.

After the water has hard boiled for about twenty mintues I add in the rolled oats. About two cups of whole oats will feed my family of seven. What you will notice is that with the oats freshly ground, they are more filling than if you just purchase oatmeal at the store. A small bowl of these oats fills everyone up.

Turn the heat down to a low simmer and stir the oats into the pot. Let them simmer on low for twenty minutes.

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You can tell the oatmeal is not finished cooking because the oats still look a little crunchy. At this point they have been simmering for about ten minutes. About ten more minutes of cooking in the pot and then this pot of porridge is ready for bowls. The oats will continue cooking in the bowls for another five minutes or so until they are cooled enough to eat with whatever topping your family likes best. Plain brown sugar is favorite at our house, but also milk, cream, butter, honey, and my favorite is agave.
This mill also works great to crack wheat, kamut, spelt, and barley, and it is also powerful enough to make whole grain flour, but takes much physical effort to do so.
Whole grain tip: If you are just introducing your family to whole grains, you can make this breakfast much more digestible by letting the oats soak overnight in some water. Then cook them up with a pot of spices/flax seeds that have been boiled in one cup of water. You can also add in a thumb size piece of peeled ginger to the spice pot to make the oats more digestible.
For those who are into raw eating, this whole meal can be served after soaking oats with spices and herbs over night and just eating it raw in the morning.

Jenny with her nephew Jonah right after his birth (and first baby massage!)

Jenny with her nephew Jonah right after his birth (and first baby massage!)

Jenny Hatch

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