How to make Hot Kamut Cereal

When a family begins cooking with whole grains, one quickly learns that the variety of grains available to eat are endless. My personal favorite wheat for Hot Cereal is Organic Kamut. I ate two 25 pound bags of this grain during my last pregnancy. It was the perfect baby making food.

I use an organic Kamut, which is a non-hybrid form of wheat for our breakfast cereal. It is sweet in flavor, nutty, and very nourishing.

The hopper on the mill can hold about two full cups of grain and this is plenty of food to feed our large family a very nutritious and filling breakfast.

Tips for those with problems digesting whole grains.
Let the cracked grains soak in some water over night.

Cook the grains with some peppermint leaves or a thumb size piece of peeled ginger.

Drink a large glass of water thirty minutes before breakfast to aid digestion.

And, finally, recognize that going from a refined diet to a whole foods diet takes time, and some digestive cleansing and discomfort is very normal.

Tip: Those who are gluten intolerant often have a magnesium deficiency.

Prepare the cooking water with one quart water, one tsp sea salt, flax seed (about one tablespoon), a cinnamon stick, cardamon pods, and cloves. Hard boil this water for twenty minutes to extract the oils from the spices and seeds.

When the water has hard boiled for twenty minutes it is ready for the cereal. I usually just leave the spices in the water and let them cook along with the grain. It is easy to fish them out before serving the cereal.

The cereal will be finished after twenty minutes of simmering on a low temperature.

I like to put organic Agave sweetener on my cereal.

This breakfast cost about a dollar to make for my family of seven.

This cereal can be made without any of the spices or seeds, but they add a nice flavor. I usually eat a large bowl of this cereal and it gives me plenty of energy until lunch.

Jenny Hatch

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