Emergency Preparedness Lecture – Contracting information

Please contact me by Email if you would like to contract for a lecture on Family Emergency Preparedness.
I am personally much more interested in working with those groups who honestly want to make some active preparations and I don’t have the time or the energy to lecture in situations where little follow through will happen after the event.
Please think through this issue carefully to be sure that I am the right person for your event.
This will be an upbeat, humorous, and informative lecture, followed by one hour of Q & A.
I don’t believe in scaring people into preparing. I have kept my classes and talks positive and informative.
Jenny Hatch standing next to a one year supply of food.
Contract for Speaking Engagement
Family Preparedness: A key component in America Winning the War on Terror
Sixty Minute Lecture accompanied by one hour of Q & A
Contract Fee: $8,000.00
After a booking is scheduled a $2,000.00 deposit must be received at least one week before scheduled date for Lecture.
The remainder of the payment is due in full after my lecture.
Jenny Hatch

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