Mao, The Fragrant Fart

I finished reading Mao, the Unknown Story by Jung Chang and John Halliday last night. I think the title of the book should have been Mao, The Fragrant Fart.
After reading how Mao never took a bath or brushed his teeth during his rule of terror in China, (Eeeeewwwwwwwww) and also how he himself loved to used digestive analogies, especially those relating to breaking wind, to illustrate everything from domestic policy to how he felt about his family, “unknown story” just does not do him or his life justice.
Has there ever been a more evil person to walk the planet? More selfish? More responsible for death, destruction, and loss?
I used to think Bill Clinton was the standard for corruption.
After reading this book, I am convinced President Clinton was a bit player in the tyranny model of leadership. What are a couple hundred political murders compared to the 70 million Mao is responsible for?
With those in the chinese government willing to stop him either imprisoned or murdered, Mao was able to live out his sad, sorry life to the end and died of natural causes.
This book answered so many questions. Who started the Korean War? Mao. Why did the Soviets split with China? Who funded Pol Pot, Che, and all the other communist players? Mao. Who ruined Tibet? Mao.
Any country who received aid from China, either food or money, owes the Chinese people an apology for what this aid cost them. Millions of lives were lost while Mao threw money at various communist causes all over the world.
One of the most surprising facts of this book was that Mao was NOT a die hard Marxist. He used communist ideology to spread his personality cult, but to say that he was a good ideological “comrade” is a lie. He was a hedonist who simply wanted to read books, eat good food, and have sex with whomever he chose.
As a husband and father Mao was a complete failure. His four wives lived unhappy lives, and most of his children died in infancy because of him neglecting to provide properly for his family. His absolute focus on his military goals and lack of natural affection for wives and children ruined not only his own family life, but the families of most of China, especially the peasantry.
I read this book in a weeks time simply because I could not put it down. The text is very easy to follow. It is a must read. If you truly want to understand China today, and if you would like to help in spreading Democracy and Freedom in our world, this book is crucial for understanding the true history of the 20th century.
It is time for the Chinese people to throw off the fetters that bind them in the personality cult of Mao. When His ugly face is taken off of their currency, when all the pictures are torn down, and when the truth is shouted from the housetops, (and this book is allowed to be published and freely read in China) then that terrorized people will begin to reclaim their sovereignty.
The people of China deserve nothing less from the west that being encouraged to set up a government that lives by the Rule of Law, Property Rights, Individual Rights, Constitutional Democracy, and Separation of Powers.
The families of China should be allowed to have as many children as they desire, and be given the gift of the pursuit of happiness as the object and end of their existence.
Thankyou Jung and Jon for taking the time and effort to write this exellent expose. I predict in future generations that “Mao” will replace the word “Hitler” as the standard of who and what is evil.
Go get the book today, read it, and weep for the people of China and for all of those who suffered because of one evil man.
Jenny Hatch
UPDATE: January 9th, 2006
I have a confession to make. I have something in common with Chairman Mao.
I like to read in my bed.
In fact, I read most of his biography in my bed.
This is not something I am proud of. Having this one facet of my life in common with a murderous dictator is somewhat shameful, but I must be honest.

Best all time book, The Naked Communist by Cleon Skousen.

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