Groundhog Day

Jonah Goldberg had a good piece on the movie today. I enjoyed reading it, especially since today is my 38th birthday.
Here is a picture sent from my sister….
Cathy' s boys.bmp
I don’t have any words of wisdom or insights into life at 38. All I know is that my life is very full and I am daily engaged in the sort of lifestyle I always thought I would live. Surrounded by my own children, busy with helping them to develop their talents, testimony, and skills, and working hard to help build up the Kingdom of God on the earth.
I don’t see anything changing in the next twenty or thirty years. Ben is only three and I will be mothering him for many years to come. We may have more children and I am very much looking forward to being a grandma. I have watched many of my close friends make the transition to grandmothering and it has been beautiful to observe the joy these women are experiencing in this new phase of life.
I have a strong belief that no couple should be allowed to easily divorce until they have held a grandchild in their arms. Then and only then will they understand what all of the sacrifice and years of instilling habits of righteous living into their families has been for.
I have a dear friend who is the mother of six children. As I have observed these children marry over the past ten years, and now welcome little ones, I have observed my friend’s joy expand with the arrival of each baby. Her posterity is growing by leaps each year, and these babies are such a testimony to me of a mother who gave her whole heart and soul to her family for decades. I feel so blessed to have these sorts of mentors in my day to day life.
Jenny Hatch
Oh, Phil says six more weeks of winter!

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