Review of Godless by Ann Coulter

Last night I finished reading Godless and though I would take a minute to review it.
Ann Coulter uses her quick wit and ironic sarcasm to blast through liberal fantasies on a variety of topics in this excellent book.
With chapters on how liberals are soft on crime, the Willie Horton mess during the Dukakis run for presidency, abortion, use of victims to push political agendas, education (which was my favorite chapter), and finally with a detailed expose’ on evolutionary science, this book is a must read for all high school students taking AP Biology, and everyone else.
I have been a homemaker for the past eighteen years, busy with family life and I have not followed the whole evolution/intelligent design debate closely. Outside of reading an occasional editorial on the topic, or noting a court case here or there, I have not taken the time to educate myself on what the intelligent designers were even saying. Quite frankly, I just assumed they were a bunch of fundamentalist christians using the Bible creation story to justify Creationism.
I was pleasantly surprised and grateful that Coulter took the time and energy to put those five chapters into the end of her book. I plan to use her information to teach my children these next few years as they are exposed to the assumptions of evolution in secondary school science classes.
Her summation in chapter nine poses the Evolution/Intelligent Design debate in my mind. And I believe every city, town, hamlet, and school district in America should immediately open the doors wide to public debate of these points so tellingly put together by Coulter in Godless.
Quoting from chapter nine page 243-45
“The only evidence for Darwin’s theroy of evolution is fake evidence, and every time Darwiniacs are caught hawking fake “proof”, they complain that it’s merely a “gap” in the theory. The Darwiniacs play a shell game with the evidence, but the evidence is never under any of the shells. The point isn’t that schoolchildren should be “taught the controversy” – schoolchildren should be taught the truth. This includes:
* the truth about the entire fossil record, which shows a very non-Darwinian progression, noticeably lacking the vast number of transitional species we ought to see
* the truth about the Cambrian explosion, in which virtually all animal phyla suddenly appeared, with no Darwinian ancestors
* the truth about the Galapagos finch population changing not one bit since Darwin first observed the finches more than 170 years ago
* the truth about the peppered moth experiment
* the truth about Haeckel’s embryos being a fraud perpetrated by a leading German eugenist
* the truth about the Miller-Urey experiment being based on premises that are no longer accepted
* the truth about the nonexistence of computer simulations of the evolution of the eye
These arenn’t gaps in a scientific theory – there is no scientific theory. There is only a story about how a bear might have fallen into the ocean and become a whale. As Colin Patterson asked, What is any one true thing about evolution?
In the end, evolutionists’ only argument is contempt. The cultists know that if people were allowed to hear the arguments against evolution for just sixty seconds, all would be lost. So they demonize the people making those arguments. You’re just saying that because you believe in God! You probably believe in a flat Earth, too! You sound like a Holocaust revisionist! That’s all you ever get.
The evolutionists’ self-advertisements paint a different picture. A New York Times review of a book on intelligent design summarized the situation this way: “As Michael Ruse points out, modern science’s refusal to cry miracle when faced with explanatory difficulties has yielded ‘fantastic dividends’. Letting the divine causes fill in wherever naturalistic ones are hard to find is not only bad theology – it leaves you worshipping a ‘God in the gaps’ – but it is also a science stopper.”
Far from chastely refusing to acknowledge miracles, evolutionists are the primary source of them. These aren’t chalk covered scientists toiling away with their test tubes and Bunsen burners. They are the religious fanatics for whom evolution must be true and any evidence to the contrary – including, for example, the entire fossil record – is something that must be explained away with a fanciful excuse, like “our evidence didn’t fossilize.”
Meanwhile, and by stark contrast, intelligent design scientists do not fill the “gaps” with God. They simply say intelligence is a force that exists in the universe and we can see its effects and what it does – in Behe’s flagellum, in the Cambrian explosion, in Gould and Eldredge’s “punctuated equilibrium.”
Evolutionists keep modifying their theory to say, “Assume a miracle,” and the intelligent design scientists say, “Hey does anyone else notice that it’s always the same miracle?” It’s a miracle of design. Design in the universe may well be explained by something other that God, but we’ll never know as long as everyone is required to pretend it’s not there. To say intelligent design scientists are merely filling the “gaps” with God is like saying Sir Isaac Newton “filled in the gaps” with the theory of gravity. He saw stuff dropping to the ground and tried to explain it. If only the Darwiniacs had been around, they could have told Newton, I don’t see anything dropping! It’s just an accident! Do you believe in God or something?
Nor are intelligent design scientists looking at things they can’t quite explain: Quite the opposite. They are looking at things they can explain but which Darwin didn’t even know about, like the internal mechanism of the cell, and saying, That wasn’t created by natural selection – that required high-tech engineering. By contrast, the evolution cult members look at things they can’t explain and say, We can’t explain it, but the one thing we do know is that there is no intelligence in the universe. It must have been random chance, or it’s not “science”.”
I believe that this is the most important mandate in the book is found at the end of chapter 10 P. 264:
“Evolution cultists come up with crackpot religion, no more scientific that the intergalactic ruler Xenu, and their sole claim to “science” is that they have rigorously excluded God. Liberals have harnessed the language of “science” in order to destroy science. If our goal is to keep religion out of the classroom, evolution has got to go.”
I completely endorse this statement as perhaps the most important evolutionary step in our scientific progression as Americans. I have naturally selected Ann Coulter’s analysis and insight as being crucial to science moving from the dark ages of evolutionary gobblygook to the faith walk and inspiring illumination that can be ours as a people if we embrace the idea of a Plan, an intelligent plan. Dare I call it the Plan of Salvation?
Yes, I do.
Jenny Hatch
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