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Witch Doctor Medicine

Catherine Seipp’s daughter is starting college. After some motherly advice, Seipp observes that when it comes to life-saving medicine and vaccines, the far Right boasts as big a nut bowl as the far Left.
“One of the first things I had my 17-year-old daughter do when she began college this fall was make an appointment to get the new anti-HPV (for “Human Papillomavirus”) vaccine at the university’s student health center. HPV is the sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer, and the new vaccine (which in my view should only be celebrated, as should all medical progress) has been attacked by religious fanatics almost as soon as it was introduced. ‘Why, this will only encourage young girls to have sex!’ Or so that kind of thinking goes — if you can even call it “thinking.””
I have spent the past few hours participating on the comment section debate on this post. Here are my comments: (Scroll down the article to get the rest of the conversation…)

Comment 1:
Jenny Hatch :
I participated on Cathy’s Blog after she wrote a piece on witchdoctor medicine for NRO. What struck me as I chatted with the regulars on her Blog was that several of the parents participating mentioned they had a child who was autistic, yet were so confident that the vaccines didn’t have anything to do with it, they became extremely angry at me when I suggested and shared links proving that plenty of conservative parents have major issues with vaccines.
What I did not get then, and still don’t, is why Cathy and the rude people who post on her blog felt the need to use derogatory language against those of us who live the Natural Lifestyle. I was called a Droopy Milky Ghost (with loud applause from Cathy) for mentioning that I nursed most of my five children for three years, and was generally dissed and put down for defending my lifestyle and being a home birthing, anti-vaccine, natural mother.
If Cathy feels comfortable shoving a toxic vaccine on her daughter, all power to her. But as a non-vaccinating parent who is very skeptical of the Medical Profession (Bad drug interactions do cause the deaths of tens of thousands of people in America every year), especially when it comes to birthing and raising children, I would like to challenge Cathy to accept a more tolerant view of those of us who are living this lifestyle.
Only an Allopathic system could get millions of women in America to eat Horse Pee and make them think it was actually doing them some good. Premarin, which stands for “Pregnant Mare Urine” is a drug that has been, and still is, encapsulated horse pee touted for its hormonal benefits.
Sorry, if anything sounds like witch doctor medicine, it is the horse pee. I’ll stick with my nutrients, herbs, oils, and Chiropractor for wellness care.
Jenny Hatch
Mommy Blogger
Sep 27, 2006 09:34 PM
Comment 2
Jenny Hatch :
You Said:
“Why shouldn’t you be made fun of?”
I’ve been made fun of and laughed at for most of my adult life for the lifestyle choices I have made in regards to my family.
I can take it.
It is easy to dismiss and belittle what is perceived as “non-conformist”. What is more difficult is to truly educate yourself and then proactively live the Laws of Health. They are eternal laws that are just as relevant in our world as the 10 commandments.
Wether someone chooses to live by those laws or not is irrelevant to this discussion. The fact is that breakage of those Health Laws will result in consequences just as predictable as the consequences that result from not keeping the commandments.
The evidence that we in the west are breaking those laws of health are increasingly evident in the youngest members of our society.
Why do you think the autism rate is skyrocketing and children are melting down in dissociative and agressive behaviors?
Have you ever lived with an autistic child?
I personally know several families living this nightmare, and a recent documentary shares testimony such as “I wanted to drive my car over a cliff rather than live one more day of this autistic nightmare.”
When I tried to share links, quotes, and engage in debate on Cathy’s blog, I was met with sarcasm, disbelief, and name calling.
Here is a link to that conversation,
so curious Pajamas readers can see for themselves how that debate on witchdoctor medicine payed out.
And here is my blog response to the discussion:
I’m not afraid of being called any number of derogatory names, but if someone is going to stereotype my lifestyle as a form of witchcraft, and call me a negligent and ingnorant parent, I am going to respond and attempt to defend my choices and the choices of parents like me.
Jenny Hatch
Sep 28, 2006 07:37 AM

Comment 3:
Jenny Hatch :
You said:
“While there is significant evidence that breastfeeding is the best way to bolster an infants immune system (the mechanism of passive resistance via the breast milk is well modeled and understood) to forgo modern medicine completely is grossly negligent and invites disaster on your children for the sake of your ideology.”
Just curious what disaster I’m inviting on my children.
They are all healthy, normal, and quite nice. From the feedback I get from teachers at school, scout leaders, friends at church, and neighbors, my children are kind, smart people who love to have fun and are friendly to other children.
Disasters of health, as mentioned above, come from ignoring the Laws of Health.
When a mother decides to feed her child dried cow snot, heats it up in a microwave, and then confidently feeds it to her child, some consequences, often unintended, but sometimes deadly, are the result.
How about if we make a deal….I’ll be willing for parents to be prosecuted for medical neglect for not vaccinating, if in the same law we include that mothers who choose not to breastfeed will also be prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Sound fair?
The repercussions of ill health and disease that results from parents not feeding their little ones human milk thunder into society like an earthquake, with taxpayers picking up much of that tab in terms of WIC feeding programs, Medicare bills, Education for children who are mentally challenged, and ultimately, Lonely souls who have never bonded with anyone – which is difficult to quantify economically, but still has an impact on our society.
Until parents are willing to make the sacrifices that come with breastfeeding long term at a much higher percentage, I will persist in believing that our Marvelous Medical System is so much smoke and mirrors.
Imagine if doctors took on the task of pestering women to breastfeed the way they bully them into vaccinating!
But dangit, nobody makes any money off of that~!
Sep 28, 2006 10:24 AM

Heathy whole food is our families number one form of “medicine”, (no voodoo priests in sight)

Comment 4:
Jenny Hatch :
You said:
“Are the anti-hpv vacine people aware of the terrible moral scourge in our midst called penicillin? Are they doing anything about it? Are they opposed to anti-aids research? Can they imagine (probably not) what all them crazy homos will be doing when there’s an effective aids vaccine?”
I am very much a live and let live person. I completely support Cathys choice to vaccinate her daugher, and I support any parent who chooses to vaccinate a teenage girl for whatever reason.
Where I have issues with the whole vaccine scene in particular, and the Medical world collectively, is the force and compulsion that is increasingly playing out in our society.
When you have
doctors forcing Chemo,

Mothers being accused of kidnapping their own kids and being put in jail for it just because she does not agree with her doctors diagnosis

Fathers being blamed for a wifes psychosis, while the real culprits walk….
then I believe it is HEALTHY to have some honest debate about where we are headed with our “better living through chemistry”.
You have just outlined some of the unintended consequences from antibiotic use. And I would suggest that for every drug and surgical procedure that is performed in our hospitals, often the unintended result is a disaster, which if the patient had been fully aware of, they never would have agreed to take the drug or have the surgery.
The doctors have an old saying…”the surgery was a success, but the patient died”. This is meant as an ironic joke, but when you are the loved one of the person who has died or been permanently maimed…’s not quite so funny.
I am all for individuals having the FREEDOM to choose for themselves what they will do with their own bodies. For parents, who must make health care decisions for and in behalf of their children, I believe we should have the right and the privledge to say yes or no to ANY medical procedure or drug, no matter what the doctors and the pharma companies, who have such a vested financial interest, say.
After countless hours of research, my husband and I have chosen to mostly say NO to Modern Medicine. If others feel comfortable saying yes, all power to them.
That being said, I believe taxpayers should have full disclosure to know how tax money is being spent on Medical Care. We have a sickness society, where most of the money is being spent on disease. I would love to see us move to a more proactive wellness society – and that means we must start in the womb, before a child is even conceived, teaching mothers how to build healthy children with good nutrition and then gently birthing and nursing them.
Until we get to the point where these are the priorities, we will never achieve the type of societal health we all seem to be looking for.
I can promise you, it will never be found in a vaccine or a pill full of chemicals.
Sep 28, 2006 08:30 PM
I would LOVE to see much more of this type of debate at Pajamas. It is so healthy to have a chance to discuss these health care issues, rather than just pretending “American Health Care has never been better!” Or as Cathy said: “the new vaccine (which in my view should only be celebrated, as should all medical progress)”
Celebrated? With the current dismal track record of big pharma, this new “medical progress” should be treated with the utmost skepticism and fear.
Before we get socialized with universal health care, I think we need to decide if the Allopathic model is what we truly want everyone to have access to.

Jenny Hatch
UPDATE: October 7th, 2006
You know? Occasionally I surf the web just to see where my articles and name comes up on various blogs and family web sites. The other night I was surfing and I found that I was a major subject of comment on Cathy Seips Blog a few days ago.
Here is the Link
You have to click into the comment section in order to get the full monty in terms of discussions about me and my lifestyle.
After I read all this, I truly had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard. I just had to chime in. I have completely forgiven Donna B. for calling me a droopy milky ghost. If she finds something I wrote funny, something that I intended to be funny….funny…well, she is my buddy.
I was thinking this morning that Cathy was probably paid $850,000.00 by Merck to write that Witch Doctor medicine piece touting the benefits of the new vaccine.
Were you Cath??? You have written before about the need for Corporate shills to come clean about connections before they write….I was just wondering if the temptation to shill became too much.
Here are some more comments from Cathy’s Blog….it is obvious she and her fellow travelers on that Blog have a similar allegiance to The Church of Modern Medicine and look at those of us who have apostatized from it as little more than cretins, so her recent plug for Mercks new vaccine probably was legit…but I still have to wonder.
Here are some more fun Comments from Cathy’s Blog regarding the War between Medicine and Natural Family Living:
Go Here
And Here
And Here
If you don’t want to wade through all of those comments, or if they have been deleted because they are getting too old, here is a Blog entry I did on that chat on her Blog.
Jenny Hatch

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