The Da Vinci Code

Paul and I watched the Da Vinci Code DVD this morning.
We both read the book and then went to see the movie on opening night when it came out last summer.
I have long been exposed to the idea that Jesus Christ was married and was a father. This is mentioned in the Journal of Discourses. One of the early apostles claims that Jesus was the father of Children, plural.
I suppose for the members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, this is not a difficult doctrine because we believe that eternal marriage is the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and so it would make sense that we believe it is possible Jesus was married, and we are one of the few Christian Religions that believes Heavenly Father is married, and has a physical body, although we are his spiritual offspring, and Jesus was his only child born in the flesh.
I had an interesting conversation on a military blog right after seeing the movie for the first time, and thought I would link to it here on my own blog.
Here is the original post of Sgt Stryker, and then all of the commentary that followed, with my comments in BOLD:
When I heard reports this week that critics hated the movie version of The DaVinci Code, I was a bit worried about going to see it. I really enjoyed the book. It was a treasure hunt, a thriller, a murder mystery. A good read. I hate it when a book I like gets turned into a really bad movie. Criticisms included that Tom Hanks looked bored, his costar Audrey Tantou couldn’t be understood because her accent was so thick, and that the audience laughed in the most inappropriate places.
I don’t know what move those critics went to see, but the one we just came back from was a lot of fun. Tom Hanks was more thoughtful than in some of his more previous roles, but I didn’t see him look bored. I could understand Audrey Tantou just fine. Her accent just wasn’t all that thick. The only time the audience laughed was in some pretty appropriate places.
As a treasure hunt movie, National Treasure was more fun and edge of your seat exciting. It’s the subject matter which makes “The Code” more interesting. Mix fact with fiction with old mythology with a healthy dose of stretching ideas to fit a point of view, and you’ve got yourself a powerful brain bender.
I’m not the guy to talk about the theological problems in this movie. In case you’ve missed it, I’m not a fan of organized religion. So I don’t get the problems that some religious folks have voiced. I didn’t find anything hertical or particularly offensive about it. The fact that there were other Gospels is historically documented. The fact that Constantine and the Council of Nicaea got together and chose the Gospels as we know the Bible today is also well-documented. I can’t speak for Constantine’s or the various Bishop’s motives…but then again, neither can anyone else.
Personally, I find the fact that the Catholic Church and other religious groups want to supress the movie much more offensive than anything the movie says about the life of Jesus. But that’s just the way I’m wired.
29 people commented, but I will only share those that either responded directly to me or dissed me.
I totally agree, I think the movie and the book were great.
Here is my synopsis of the good points of the movie….
The divine Femine to me is not so much worship of Mary, the Code’s articulated wife of Jesus, as it is simply the understanding that posterity, blood lines, family relationships, and the possibility that Christ married, loved, and fathered a child are sacred things, not to be hidden from humanity.
If it is true that during the councils of Nicea Christ was made into a spirit without body, parts, or passions and all evidence of his more human side – being married, having children, having a wife then perhaps it is time for that particular fraud to be exposed.
The mistake Brown made in the book was in going all the way to the other extreme – he believed that Christ being a father meant his divinity was in question.
One line in the movie struck me in particular. Tom Hanks character said that perhaps being human is divine. I think moviegoers will appreciate the entertainment value of the show, and also the possible opportunities it presents for conversation with others about what is sacred, what is real, who is divine, and what makes people holy.
It makes sense to me to consider the idea that the Savior taught the people of his day how to live a more healthy life, and practiced what he preached with his own wife and children. I think one of the reasons he was murdered was simply because he was destroying the Medical Monopoly in Jerusalem and the doctors did not like having someone who called himself the son of God moving in on their carefully tended turf.
I believe the divine feminine is tied up completely in heathy women, giving birth to healthy children, in an empowering and sacred holisitc birthing situation.
It does not take a huge leap to understand that the main way women have been kept from living empowered free thinking lives has been the various entities in our world who over the ages have been the ways and means of keeping women from experiencing divine childbirth.
Wether it was killing the local herbalist or midwife as so called “witches”, or teaching the young women of today that the fullness of their reproductive power lies in the ability to prevent life with drugs, abortion, and planned sterility – the powers that be, embodied in our Medical Profession of today – are the befuddlers of the Divine Feminine.
As they have worked diligently over the past two hundred years to fill all peoples of the world with absolute terror in regards to giving birth – the Divine Feminine as embodied in sacred, holistic, natural, primal, and hormonal childbirth has been shoved to the underground of humanity.
Fortunately a rebirth of what is good and praiseworthy about sacred non-traumatic birth is being revitalized with the help of the internet and I am grateful to Dan Brown that even though he does not see the whole picture, he puts family life, the importance of geneological records, and posterity right back in the limelight where it belongs through his book and the movie.
Was Jesus Christ a Parent? I suppose only time will tell. My gut feeling is that he was and that he used his role as Savior to teach better parenting to all whom he had direct contact with.
I am anxiously awaiting the texts which will coroborate and justify my beliefs in these matters and am thankful to Ron Brown for putting motherhood and posterity in its proper context as a holy sacred thing worthy of knights in shining armor defending, willing to die as they protect.
I believe it is no accident that the French historically have been the most enlightened about Divine Childbirth, understanding the role that proper hormonal connectedness plays in family relationships and bonding. The famous French Obstetrician Michel Odent, author and MD, has made it his life’s work to share the Sacred Feminine with anyone who is interested in getting the facts.
His book The Scientification of Love contains all of the most recent information on how to revolutionize and heal our society through understanding the divine laws of childbirth.
Give it a read!

Here is a link to an article he wrote which encapsulates the ideas in the Scientification of Love…
It is explicit information, but who ever accused the french of being prudes when it came to human sexuality and reproduction???
Jenny Hatch
Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060521 @ 1857
You said:
“The Mary Magdelene cult, obviously, would be all of those other cults and its persistant influence on the faithful would be a source of considerable worry.
Many religions, after all, spend an incredible amount of energy regulating human sexual conduct to facilitate societal harmony.
The ones highlighted here represent two different approaches to the problem based on different and competing philosophies. Neither can exist simultaneously within a society, which is why both are always vehemently opposed to the other’s influence.”
As I tried to outline in my post, if Jesus was teaching (and practicing) divine feminine principles in his own family life – divine feminine as outlined by the article by Michel Odent – which outlines the true principles for hormonal family harmony in regards to sexuality – then yes, that would have been a huge threat to the medical powers that be in ancient jerusalem, and the various medical societies that existed over the past two thousand years. Do not make the mistake of thinking that our “modern medicine” is anything new.
The scope and size of this modern day drug cult is bigger than anything contemplated by our ancient ancestors, but the drugs, surgery, and abortion on demand have been around for a long, long time. Nothing new under the sun.
Perhaps Jesus teaching and healing the people of ancient Israel was a real threat to the doctors of the day. Think of the story of the woman who was healed of a 12 year hemorrhage simply by touching Jesus’s high frequency clothing. What is often forgotten in the retelling of this story is that the woman spent all her living on doctors trying to fix her problem.
If Jesus put all the Gyn’s of his day out of business and all the leprosy docs out of business, and all the morticians were up in arms because he kept raising people from the dead, then I think that would be a true threat to the status quo.
If he was teaching women how to live more holistically, so they would not have an “issue of blood for 12 years” or if he was teaching divine principles of childbirth and breastfeeding to the women of his day and his own wife was living and teaching these principles to his followers, then yes, I could see how some evil people would call that a threat and kill him and then try to kill her.
Studying the history of childbirth as I have done for the past 18 years has simply been an education in the politics of money and control. I’m not a feminist, I’m a strong anti-feminist, but I am completely for each woman learning for herself the truth about empowered living and cutting free from the ties that bind.
Have you ever considered that the pagan cults as you call them have been discredited by tying them to witchcraft and satan worship, while the most debilitating and disempowering system for family life the world has ever seen is wrapped up and tied to the biggest religions of the world??? How many hospitals in your own town are tied to a religious group? How many of your tax dollars have gone to fund the abominations that happen daily in your community all in the name of proper medical care??
I applaud Brown’s book because perhaps his movie will help to expose the frauds that have been perpetrated mostly on women and devastatingly on families all in the name of health.
By besmirching the character of Mary as a whore, and stiffling the truth, the control and evil that has been done to women for two thousand years needs to be exposed and motherhood and sacred childbirth put back into its proper place in society.
The fact that our young woman all over the world are drugged senseless and cut to pieces day in and day out just sickens me. Something better is right there in front of us, but we are so afraid, everyone is so bottled up in fear, to even consider the idea of giving birth all alone just makes people faint. Yet it is the practice that will heal families and help to fix the broken bonds. Jesus himself declared that the last days would be a time of the mother against the daughter and the father against the son….why has this happened??? Does anyone care???
Does anyone want to fix it??
I do. And I thank Dan Brown for helping to expose the frauds.
Jenny Hatch
Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060521 @ 2030
Dan Brown exposed nothing, Jenny.
The book is FICTION!
Comment by Roy — 20060522 @ 0649
Dan Brown even writing about the sacred feminine and articulating the idea of Christ being a Father helps to expose the lies and conspiracies.
I’m thrilled that millions all over the world are being exposed to these ideas.
I appreciate the fact that the book was written as historical fiction and I have some serious doctrinal issues with some of the book and some of the movie – I’m not saying it is all true and all factual and correct doctrine, but I AM grateful for the idea being brought forth that Mary Magdaline had a whole slew of warriors willing to protect her, and then a couple hundred generations of people who were willing to die in order to keep alive the truth of her marriage and motherhood.
The fact is protecting and defending wives and mothers is something that is worth dying for.
And IF the vactican has covered up Jesus’s fatherhood and marriage, then I believe it is time for that particular fraud to be exposed.
Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060522 @ 0811
Just read this on Drudge….
“Menstruation Is Fast Becoming Optional By LINDA A. JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
Sun May 21, 6:45 PM ET

For young women with a world of choices, even that monthly curse, the menstrual period, is optional.
Thanks to birth control pills and other hormonal contraceptives, a growing number of women are taking the path chosen by 22-year-old Stephanie Sardinha.
She hasn’t had a period since she was 17.
“It’s really one of the best things I’ve ever done,” she says.
A college student and retail worker in Lisbon Falls, Maine, Sardinha uses Nuvaring, a vaginal contraceptive ring. After the hormones run out in three weeks, she replaces the ring right away instead of following instructions to leave the ring out for a week to allow bleeding. She says it has been great for her marriage, preventing monthly crankiness and improving her sex life.
“I would never go back,” said Sardinha, who got the idea from her aunt, a nurse practitioner.”
As I said before….where is all this going to end? Women deciding that being a Mother is just too much of a bother?? Too messy?? Too Bloody??
The pharmacuetical companies just rake in the dough, and all semblance of what is normal and natural just falls away as quaint and old fashioned.
What sort of an impact does that masculization of women have an society?
I see todays world as a logical and ugly end to the wheels set in motion hundreds of years ago to rob women of their femininity and true sexuality – and consign them to a male controlled structure that knows nothing that is sacred, and scoffs at those of us who claim, believe, and live the sacred feminine lifestyle.
Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060522 @ 1129
By the way… methinks I smell a scientologist.
Comment by Robin — 20060522 @ 1802
Insertion comment on December 22, 2006: Why oh why do these people always think I am a scientologist??? For years I have had people accuse me of it for sharing my heartfelt views about the pharma companies. And here again, instead of answering and debating my questions and views, they just personal attack. It is so silly.
‘ere, we’ll ‘have none o’that fancy-nancy scientology fol-der-ol mucking abaht ‘ere! We ‘ere at t’ Daily Brief are ‘ard workin’ honest folk, none o’ they there ‘ollywood trash-like!
(resuming my normal, dulcet mid-Atlantic voice)
Oh, when you have lightly moderated comments, all sorts of stuff comes in through the door. Just part of our happy and effecient service. Start a discussion with her, if you like. Free country, and all that.
Comment by Sgt. Mom — 20060522 @ 1825
Scientologist, where’s the scientologist??? WHO LET THE F***ING SCIENTOLOGIST IN???
Comment by Sgt/Cpl Blondie — 20060522 @ 1938
Be vewwy vewwy kwiet, Blondie is hunting Scien-Scientol-Scientologiminimsssss…. Hubbardites.
Comment by Timmer — 20060522 @ 1947
After you, Mr Vice-President………Happy scien-I-mean-quail-hunting.
Comment by Sgt/Cpl Blondie — 20060522 @ 2035
Thanks Sargent Mom,
Yeah, start a conversation with me if you like.
I’m a member of pajamas media too,
neo-con momma of five. No, not a scientologist, although I have been mistaken for one before at Free Republic.
I am just a Mormon Momma who wants more than a knife in the belly for my daughters and grandaughters when they give birth.
I’d love to debate about anything I have have posted regarding the Da Vinci Code and the Divine Feminine…Name calling and stereotyping generally means someone has absolutely nothing to offer to the conversation…

“Generally, a personal attack is committed when a person substitutes abusive remarks for evidence when examining another person’s claims or comments. It is considered a personal attack when a person starts referencing a supposed flaw or weakness in an individual’s personality, beliefs, lifestyle, convictions or principles, and use it as a debate tactic or as a means of avoiding discussion of the relevance or truthfulness the person’s statement. It works on the reasoning that, by discrediting the source of a logical argument, namely the person making it, the argument itself can be weakened.”

I am happy to stand by anything written above. Anyone want to chat??


Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060523 @ 0601

Any guys who want to debate Jenny on “The Devine Feminine” raise your hands? Anyone? Anyone? No?
Okay, any guys who want to go up in an airplane this weekend and drop bowling balls onto old cars? Whoa!!! Line up guys, it’s a little plane.
Sorry Jenny, it’s just the way we’re wired.
Comment by Timmer — 20060523 @ 0615
Thanks for giving me a good chuckle this morning…..
I can understand if you are skittish and don’t want to talk about feminine issues which although sacred, are not exactly “man talk”. Problem is, because docs have taken over, most women don’t know much about natural birth, breastfeeding, and healthy hormonal living either.
Believe me, the only thing that emboldens me to speak out on the web, at my blog and web site and the reason I wrote my books is because I am concerned that if some of us don’t speak up for what is normal and natural, the whole thing is just going to explode into a modern day chemical nightmare. Heck, with a 30% c-section rate we are almost there.
You are a husband and father…I figure we are about the same age. Don’t you want something normal and natural for your granddaughters, rather than the antidepressant, PMS, topsy turvey hormonal hell most women struggle with?
Comment by Jenny Hatch — 20060523 @ 0631
Haha, Mormons… even better. You can stand by the point of view that i’m laughing at your personal beliefs because your argument is just too damn rational, but you’ll never be able to convince me that there were any ‘golden plates’ in Joseph Smith’s hat. Why couldn’t he translate the plates a second time? Yeah right. If you’re that gullible, you’re probably a waste of breath.
Comment by Robin — 20060523 @ 1117
Sorry, Jenny, ya blog with the guys ya have, and I have a feeling the bowling balls will win out every time… and I don’t know that I have much to say about the Feminine Divine through the Da Vinci Code,either. When I tried to read Blondie’s copy I kept running into the bits that sounded like entries in the Bulwer-Lytton contest, and I just couldn’t stop cringing.
I did speed-skim through Holy Blood Holy Grail, though, one lunch hour, leaning up against the sale table at Barnes & Noble and leafing through a remaindered copy… sigh. At least I got to the good parts, and saved me a couple of bucks.
(I never read best-sellers,when everyone else is… one of my little life rules. If it’s any good at all, you’ll still be able to find it, five or ten years later)
I think there might be a serious case for women having been, in His lifetime, fairly serious and respected followers, and women may have held fairly high positions in very early Church, but all the arguments are based on fairly wispy evidence and suppositions… and any serious discussion of this will now be steam-rollered by the Da Vinci Code… which, as Roy pointed out, is a story.
Although, I agree with you that too many naturally occuring things are over-medicated… and I speak as one who had practically memorized “Our Bodies, Ourselves.”
OK, guys, you can quit cringing now.
Comment by Sgt. Mom — 20060523 @ 1709
I responded to Sgt. Mom, but Timmer did not have the courage to post my response. I wish I would have saved the post, but it went something like this.
Sgt. Mom,
Do you think it would be better for married couples if instead of a wife blaming her husband for the birth abomination she just experienced and him experiencing all sorts of husband guilt for getting her pregnant, if that same wife was to turn to her husband upon the birth of a child and say, “honey, giving birth to your child just gave me the biggest orgasm of my life!”
How would that ripple out into society???

My life’s work is encompassed in this idea and potential. That birth was INTENDED to be pleasurable, private, and the fullfillment of the sexual act between married couples.

The fact that the average women in our world comes away from typical allopathic birth more physically damaged than the worst gang rape is all the evidence I need to know that we are going down the wrong path as a society. And I unapologetically stand up for this ideal, even if Timmer is to skittish to post it on his blog.
It was great watching the movie again, and I especially enjoyed seeing the interviews with Ron Howard and Co. as they explained and discussed the merits of the movie and how they made it in the extra footage on the DVD.
I especially liked the fact that Ron wanted to make the movie because he was married to a strong woman and had three daughters.
Our posterity deserves more than what is currently being offered in terms of choices around motherhood.
Jenny Hatch
Jenny Hatch with Ben in the sling nursing when he was a newborn, and my nephew asleep on my legs, winter of 2002

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