Denver Anti War Rally March 17th Noon at the Capitol

Received another email from my friend Joe Today. He titled it “I got fired today”. Here is what the email said:


I had my last mission today. I have turned in all my PPE’s (personal protection equipment) and will be packing to go home in four to five days. They are talking about having us home sometime between the 25th to the 30th. The exact dates are not out for security reasons.

It is hard however saying goodbye to all the Iragi IP’s and nationals that I have meet here, I am going home to a great country and a safe place. They are still here fighting for life.

Love to all, and thank you all for your support and prayers

Here is the poster I made last night for the Rally:

I just read this thread at Free Republic….truly funny. Especially the line that claimed:
A handful of pro-war people, some volunteer and some probably paid to be there, will stage a counter-demonstration. This relatively tiny pro-death contingent will garner 50 percent of the media coverage if those on the side of peace do everything right. If a single demonstrator for peace turns violent in any way, that story will take up far more than 50 percent of the news, and that news will hurt the cause of peace and justice.”
Laughing out loud as I read this. Whenever you see those thousands of professional signs calling for Bush’s impeachment etc…at the anti-war rallys you can bet that the person holding it is a rent a mob type who showed up for his twenty bucks and photo op.
Free Republic events are defined by citizen activists, who make their own signs, pay their own way, and organize because they are so galvanized by the events they are supporting, that they cannot sit on their bums and do nothing.
I know that is the case for me. I have probably spent ten hours, about $75.00 of my own money, and will spend two and a half hours on saturday organizing the Denver rally. How many people will show up to counter? I have no idea. I will be thrilled if it is ten, and I would go even if I thought I would be alone demonstrating.
Fact is, conservatives are busy. Busy raising their children and grandchildren, busy serving in their communities and churches, and busy at work.
Those who make up the anti-war crowd, at least the professional demonstrators, are largely those who have abdicated family responsibilities by aborting away the children, and getting lost in “save the animal” and “save the planet” causes. So a couple of hours demonstrating or acting up, especially if free beer is involved, is a fun day at the park for them.
I plan to do a little investigative work this saturday, talking a little more to the anti-people, asking them why they are there and what they hope to achieve by showing up.
As for the true numbers of those who are parts of email groups etc…I have been on the ANSWER email list for the past few weeks to get info about rallys, etc… and before I was on the MoveOn. Web site during the election, also to get updates, etc…I even had a Boulder group from Move ON call me up to ask me to help pass out leaflets. I told the gal who called that I was a Neo-Con and was only on their list to get updates. She laughed and told me she was on the GOP email list for the same reason.
Anyway, don’t assume when they start throwing out numbers at demos and numbers of supporters that everyone who contacts them is supportive of their activities.
Jenny Hatch
Original Post:
I’m dedicating this counter rally to my friend Joe Mangus who is serving his third tour in the middle east. He sent an email this morning titled “I’m going HOOOOME!!” and the email simply said:
Hello to all,
I am in my final week here. I should be home some time between the 28th and the 5th. I will let you know the exact date when I get it. I have to go out four more times then I am done DONE DONE…!!!!!!

Joe is our adopted uncle. When my son Andrew was born, Joe was one of the volunteer firemen in our town who showed up to help us transfer to the hospital. Through a series of events he ended up in the ambulence with Andy and he later tole me that he “prayed the biggest prayer of my life” for our little boy. As he prayed Andy’s vital signs normalized, and we have always felt and believed that Heavenly Father sent Joe to us to help provide spiritual backup to the situation.
Because of this former relationship with Joe, we have always loved him and considered him a good friend.
A few years ago I did a freep that was covered on the news. 9 news here in Denver. Joe’s Mom Ruth was watching when I was on television talking about counter protesting the moonbat commies in Denver who were against the war. She came up to me after church the next day and asked if that was really me on the news. I told her yes, and then she said that she had talked to Joe in Iraq about what I had done, and she said that when he heard I was supporting him, on the streets of Denver, he burst into tears because it meant so much to him to feel like he was remembered and that people back home were aware of the sacrifices of the soldiers and willing to support them in a vocal way.
After Ruth told me about his reaction to my Freeping, it became very easy for me to find the time to Freep, knowing that Joe was so grateful.
Anyway, he’ll be home in a couple weeks, but I did want to dedicate this post to him for his years of service to this important cause. And I organized the counter on saturday mostly for him and for the soldiers like him who went back over and over and over again.
Jenny Hatch
PS All graphics found on the Free Republic Web Site
Denver Gathering of Eagles Saturday at the Capitol:

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