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I have created a new catagory on this blog to pull together everything that is being said in the media and in the blogosphere about Freebirth. Go Here to see it all.

I have watched the development of the media interest in Unassisted Birth this past month, and have been thrilled by it.
I first heard about the League of liberated women in 1989, so this has been a very long journey for me.
During my first birth in 1988, while experiencing the mysteries of labor for the first time, determined to give birth without drugs, and still at home, I had the deep desire enter my heart to stay at home and give birth in my own bedroom. I dutifully went to the hospital after asking my mother and my husband if we could “just stay home”, and they responded with the utmost fear and dread.
But less than a year later I was studying Bradley Childbirth books and materials and in a little known book on home birth read about Pat Carter and her league. And I made the determination then that I would join her group by giving birth alone in the sanctity of my own home.
David and Laura Shanley were interviewed with an actual camera by a reporter from the AP for an internet and television broadcast.
And even as I type Laura is in a London Hotel waiting to appear on the Richard and Judy Show.
She Said:
“UC on TV in the UK and elsewhere
Hi Everyone,
Rixa Freeze will be appearing on GMTV in the UK tomorrow (Wed.) morning on a show called “UK Today” –
The show was taped today, and Rixa thought it went well, although they gave more time to an M.D. than she would have liked! The segment may be available online. If so, I’ll try and post a link.
Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to fly to London tomorrow where I’ll appear on the “Richard and Judy Show” on Friday –
I believe the program airs at 5pm, but I think my segment may come on later in the show. Two other UC mums, Julia and Natalie, will also be appearing with me. Should be fun!
And if things weren’t crazy enough, David and I were interviewed yesterday by Maura Axelrod, a producer from Associated Press television. Maura’s interest in UC was piqued when she saw the Reuters article that was published several weeks ago. As it so happened, Maura was vacationing in Boulder, and sent me an email asking if we could get together. I said sure, and she mapquested my address (she’s staying with family).
Turns out she was literally “one minute” from my house, so she walked over with her camera and did the interview! Joy, John, and Molly (doggie) appeared briefly, as well. Maura will submit a 5 to 7 minute segment to the AP, probably by the end of the month. We’re not sure who will air it or when, so keep your eyes peeled. If you see me on TV let me know!
I was interviewed last month by an editor at Eve Magazine in London (it will be in the July edition of the mag), and Laura and Lynn Griesemer were interviewed by the Washington Post for an article that will appear in July.
My question is, why is the American Media (The Post and Denver Westword excluded from this assessment), so reluctant to share the good news of UC Birth?
My only thought is that Ostrich in the sand like, they have bowed down to their advertisers and are not willing to promote anything that would affect the bottom line. As the old media machine dies off and the pharmaceutical companies who give the media elites their marching orders loses its grip on American Culture and People, I predict that many more reporters will become interested in this phenomenon of parents taking personal responsibility for the births of their children, and the good news of husband/wife childbirth will be blasted from the housetops.
Only England has responded in typical media fashion after the story hit the airwaves, with requests for magazine and television media appearances.
American Media has largely ignored: (The WaPo’s interest and willingness to take it on is further proof that they are the best national paper in the country)

The American Media turns into ostriches whenever alternative healing is being discussed.
Watch any show on television and just count up the big pharma ads to see who runs things in our country. The recent Oprah Show on Autism was a reminder of how much pressure producers are under to keep the party line on the airwaves. The parents on the show were threatened that if they used the word Vaccine during the show, they would be edited out. One of the mothers appealed to Oprah directly and asked that it be addressed and Oprah said OK.

Free Birth is a tremendous threat to the current practice of medicine, because parents who have been encouraged to run from the birth machine also tend to say no to vaccines and antibiotics, and are in a much better position emotionally to stand up to the current tyrannys that exist to prevent mothers and fathers from creating a healthy family.
So, I have a challenge for American Media and the People of our country. Let’s have a good healthy debate! In the media, on the airwaves, radio, and internet. Let’s talk about family life and have a good old fashioned Contentious debate, the Book of Mormon calls this “wonderful Contentions” and it is the very type of debate that ushered in The Great American Experiment.
Our beautiful Constitution came after some of the most vociferous debate ever engaged in by the human family.
I would contend that the same sort of debate NEEDS to take place regarding how best to birth, feed, raise, and heal children.
Because the Medical Monopoly has shut out all debate, and many people ASSUME it is the only and best way to create a family, those of us promoting something else have been largely ignored and completely shut out of the conversation.
I would simply challenge anyone reading this to question your assumptions about family life.
As for the debate: BRING IT ON!!!
Jenny Hatch

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