What do you know? The high standard Aussie Doctors are ALSO against Freebirth

DIY birthing:

“DO-IT-YOURSELF home birth websites are putting women at risk by encouraging them to have babies without medical help, doctors have warned.”

But yesterday, the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists warned women that “free birth” was the least safe way to have a child.

President of the college, obstetrician Christine Tippett, said women should be grateful for Australia’s high standards of maternity services.

“We have an incredibly safe system,” she said. “I think we should acknowledge that luxury, because there are women around the world who are very envious of us.

“Women getting information about ‘free births’ from the web need to make sure they don’t just access the sites that are very enthusiastic about this.

“If something goes wrong, it could end up in a very sad outcome.”

I loved the comments attached to this article, our Australian and New Zealand sisters definitely have the issues down pat.
This was my favorite comment:

“I’m so sick of reading narrowminded views on birth. I read a GOOD article recently where the author stated that it seems as far as birth goes, choice is a one way street.

So we are allowed to choose a medically unnecessary caesarean (and the hospitals are allowed to inflict enough interventions on us to guarantee an unnecessary caesarean – been there done that!) but we are irresponsible to choose to take on the responsibility of birthing our babies by ourselves?

I know of NO women who have chosen to freebirth due to it being “free” – believe me it’s not, my first child was born completely free in the public system (well the cost of it cannot be measured in monetary terms anyway) and this birth is going to cost me considerably more, even without a midwife. I certainly don’t just consult websites either.

Perhaps the College of Midwives needs to point out how the Queensland Nursing Council has an agenda against QLD homebirth midwives, making it virtually impossible for QLD homebirthers to find a suitable midwife.

Personally, I would rather have no midwife than an unsuitable midwife as my first birth was destroyed by my (Birth Centre) midwife breaching the trust I placed in her – so although I did choose a midwife at the start of this pregnancy, when she pulled out on me due to HER issues I decided I had to trust myself instead.

I think most women are intelligent enough to transfer to hospital if trouble arises (and women who plan freebirth are usually well-researched, not following a stupid trend like this article implies).

Oh and Christine Tippett – safe by whose standards? Typical that an obstetrician would speak out against something that takes the power away from them and puts it back in the hands of birthing women.”

Posted by: Gollum of Gold Coast 5:14pm June 03, 2007

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