ACOG Annual Meeting – San Diego – Why Do Men Have Nipples?

Fruit of the womb blog: Why do men have nipples?
Dr. Ken waxed eloquent on his blog after looking at the logo of ACOG

“The first thing that piqued my imagination today was the ACOG logo. I had never looked at it closely, but first thing this morning I had that opportunity as it was flashed up on 6 very large screens at the start of the opening ceremonies and the “President’s Program,” comprised of keynote speakers to kick off the scientific sessions. What I learned was that ACOG was founded the year I was born, in 1951. Well, so what? Being one of those people who truly believes that things really don’t happen by chance, that struck me as bearing some (unexplained) significance at a higher level as to the ‘bass ackwards’ way I ended up in my chosen profession to begin with (read one or two of my earliest posts on this site if you don’t believe me!). ACOG and I are growing old at the same rate, both in our 56th years! Fortunately, I am sure the society will long outlive me.”

I think a better question than asking why do men have nipples is to query why the doctor in the ACOG logo is wearing a Superman Cape.
While the good doctor was musing about male nipples at his recent acog meeting, I wrote him a comment to be posted on his excellent blog. He did not post it, so for my readers pleasure I will post it here.
COMMENT NOT posted on his blog:
Men have nipples because they are fully capable of breastfeeding.
As a freebirthing woman who has completely rejected the goals, agendas, and darwinist philosophies of modern obstetrics, I just put together a montage on my blog, you might want to give it a look!
Freebirthers have realized a couple of things about childbirth that you evolutionary doctors seem to be quite ignorant of. Namely that birth is a sexual event and should be conducted privately in the bedroom of the couple involved in creating the child.
Jenny Hatch

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