Eve Magazine: Freebirthing Would you Lock the Midwives out?

Laura Shanley scanned the Eve Freebirth Article and posted the scan on her web site. Here is the link.
The Editor sent my copy in the mail on monday. She finished her article with my interview. I thought overall she did a good job with the whole tone, the stories shared, and the various quotes. However, I thought it strange that she titled my interview “Mum or Criminal?”
I wonder if she was writing an article on Abortion if she would even think of tossing around the words criminal when talking about those parents who choose to murder their little ones in the womb. I was telling one of my friends about this whole childbirth debate, and she made the comment that the very people who are the most threatened and upset by home birth are the ones who would completely support a womans right to have an abortion. I totally agreed.
She did get one thing right though, at the very end of the article she said:

“It seems that as the debate rages on, Freebirth believers are standing firm.”

That is right. I will not be bullied, stereotyped, or threatened into backing down one inch from my stance that Freebirth is best for the baby.
Jenny Hatch

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