New Book by Wendy Shalit: Girls Gone Mild!

Wendy Shalit, author of A return to Modesty has written a new book called Girls Gone Mild. Here is the Amazon Link
And the web site/blog devoted to promoting the book: Go Here

Chapter one of the book in PDF

Book Overview: Go Here
Modesty Zone Blog: Go Here
Modestly Yours Blog: Go Here
These trends are really awesome! As a mother with two teens who have made the choice to stay chaste until marriage, I love the idea of the new rebels being those women who choose abstinance and virtue over the girls gone wild insanity.
Home Childbirth fits into this paradigm as well. One of the main reasons I chose to come home to birth and took personal responsibility for my own female health care was because I hated the contact I had with various doctors. Vaginal Exams, pressure to go on birth control, pressure to limit the size of my family, etc etc etc… By pulling away from the gynocological world, I have been able to feel a sense of wholeness and privacy that comforts my mother heart and keeps me away from the various practitioners who have blood on their collective hands. So much of a gyns practice is dealing with those diseases and unwanted pregnancies that accompany a girls gone wild society.
I am not too interested in even being on the same examination table or having the same vaginal speculums and fingers shoved into my body that have been probing into the diseased bodies of those women who have gone mad with sexual promiscuity. I don’t want to be around the doctors, clinics, and various proceedures and drugs that are so prevalent in our society to deal with STDs, bastard children, and the complications from abortions and miscarriages.
I have not had a vaginal exam since I gave birth to Andrew almost eleven years ago. And I don’t ever plan to have one, ever again. Saving my sexual body for my husband in all aspects of my fertility has felt right and taking the modesty principle into the OB/GYN side of my life has felt very empowering. And it is a theme from unassisted birthers. They tend to mention how wonderful it is while giving birth NOT to have all those exams and nurses and doctors checking and probing.
While I birthed my third child in the hospital I felt like every nurse on the floor popped their head in during the final moments of birth. I would not have been surprised if the janitors, food service people, and any assorted strangers had come into the room to watch me give birth. Too many people around tends to lengthen the process, and contributes to a woman feeling violated and overwhelmed.
Giving birth alone and not even having a camera on, contributed to the feelings of privacy and wholeness I experienced while I gave birth to my four year old in 2002. It was Jeannine Baker who challenged me not to video tape the birth. She told me that the very presence of a camera can have a terrible effect on labor for some women and with my sexual abuse issues, it was better not to have the birth documented.
I’m grateful for the whole modesty movement and am thrilled by women like Wendy taking the time to write and share.
Jenny Hatch

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