Broomfield Choral Festival – Beethoven

Tonight I had a rehearsal with the Broomfield Choral Festival.
We are performing several works of Beethoven.
The “Hallelujah” from the Mount of Olives, my personal favorite
Mass in C Major
And The Choral Fantasy
This music is so majestic! I just love listening to is, rehearsing it, and having it running through my mind during the day while I do housework. It is just awesome!
I stopped by the mall on my way home and caught the last few minutes of a real disco band playing for free in the garden. This band, Boogie Machine, was playing some classic Earth, Wind, and Fire when I walked by and it just called to me…..”come on in and dance Jen….so I did. They were playing Let’s Groove, which is one of my favorite dance tunes. It was fun and the crowd was going crazy.
I have had my musical hit for the week, time to go back to mothering and help the children get ready for school registration next week. We bought all the school supplies and Allison has Gymnastics camp all next week. Should be fun to get back on a schedule. We are also winding down the last few days with Michelle Home before she takes off for University life!
I need to sleep!
Love, Jen
Jenny Hatch

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