Psychiatric frauds continue to be exposed!

This morning I received an Email from Ann Blake Tracy at the Center for Drug Awareness. She told me about this new Fox News report by Douglas Kennedy.

Here is a link to the article in the Wall Street Journal mentioned in the piece.
Then later in the morning I was flipping channels and watched this scientology hit job on EXTRA, can’t find the video yet, but I have watched so many of these the past few years, you know the sort, using every television trick possible to make Scientology and anyone who believes in it to be a nut job or worse. It always cracks me up to watch these shows and then see the commercials come on….the little Zoloft bubble, etc…They should just say at the beginning of the show, This segment brought to you by Eli Lily.
Anyway, here is a video of Cruise talking to Matt Lauer about Psychiatry. I completely endorse and applaud him for his education, passion, and willingness to take on this most powerful entity.
My regular readers know that I suffered a post partum psychosis after the birth of my first baby and then was hospitalized for six weeks. I was court ordered to eat psychiatric meds for fourteen months, and in the past 18 years I have given birth to four additional children and have not taken one pill for mental illness. Alternative healing restored my brain and has given me a measure of wellness that I once believed would be impossible to achieve.
Here is a link to an article I wrote a couple of years ago about Alternative remedies for Post Partum Depression and Psychosis.
Jenny Hatch
Tom Cruise is right about Psychiatry:

Although psychiatry is the smallest faction within the health care industry, authorities have estimated that psychiatric fraud accounts for 20 percent of fraudulent health care claims paid annually. This places the annual cost of psychiatric fraud in the tens of billions, ranging up to $40 billion per year, as described at the start of this article.
Investigators routinely find psychiatrists responsible for a disproportionate share of the fraud and corruption within the health care industry.
As far back as 1985, a U.S. Justice Department probe found that while psychiatrists represented only 8 percent of the physicians in the country, they accounted for 18 percent of the crooked doctors suspended from Medicaid programs over a 15-year period — the worst performance of any group in the medical field.
Crimes included charging for therapy when they had only doled out drugs; billing for patients who did not exist; falsely billing for up to 24 hours of therapy per day; and having sex with patients and billing the government for their lust.
Florida Medicare investigators found that 40 percent of all mental health outpatient service billings in 1994 were fraudulent.
And if fines collected by the federal government are an index, psychiatry is responsible for nearly 90 percent of the health care fraud in the United States. Of the $411 million paid in health-care-related fines in 1994, $379 million were paid by psychiatric hospitals.

Dr. Jeffrey Schaler on Psychiatry as a Fraud

Actor Tom Cruise created quite a stir on June 25 when he called psychiatry a “pseudoscience,” asserted a chemical basis for Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder doesn’t exist, and said that anti-depressant drugs masked problems-in-living. He used the actress Brooke Shields as a case in point, citing her postpartum depression, engendering a fair amount of hostility from those who disagreed with him, including Ms. Shields. The New York Times published her rejoinder on July 1. Cruise was criticized by psychiatric apologists and sycophants as irresponsible and dangerous for speaking his mind — and the truth.
A lot of people seem to have misunderstood what Tom Cruise said. It is not necessarily the case that he’s a Scientology-brainwashed wacko, or that his ideas about psychiatry even came from the Church of Scientology. Cruise learned a lot about psychiatry from the writings of psychiatric abolitionist Thomas Szasz. Throughout the world, Szasz is considered an intellectual heavyweight, someone whose ideas about medicine, disease, science, liberty and responsibility should be taken seriously.
If you would like to learn more about those who are working diligently to rob all of us of our sovereignty, please watch Alex Jones End Game. The complete movie can be found below.

This Socialist Billionaire Club has endorsed Hillary Clinton as their candidate of choice. NO surprise there

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