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During the primary season 16 years ago, I was very much influenced by the writings of various conservative commentators about the political scene. I subscribed to the Conservative Chronicle listened to Rush Limbaugh almost daily, and once in a while checked a conservative magazine out of the library.
This article His Cheatin’ Heart by a then conservative David Brock in the American Spectator Magazine was the final information I needed to know that a Clinton Presidency was going to be a very very bad thing for the country.
Hillary Clinton wants to take the United States back to Old European Socialism.
While I have serious problems with that fact, more troubling to me is the fact that she and her husband are known felons, pathological liars, and have no morals. Because Mr. and Mrs. Clinton believe that they are a law unto themselves, they feel no need to live by any laws or uphold the rule of law in our society. The thought of someone like her holding her hand on the bible and vowing to defend the constitution just makes me sick to my stomach. Please continue reading and take the time to review the videos to see WHY I have such a problem with this woman being our president.

This post is a round up of controversies surrounding the release of the new movie Hillary the Movie, as well as articles, photos, and video to help educate my readers how disasterous it would be to have Madame Hillary as Commander in Chief of our armed forces and President of the United States of America.

Controversies around this movie:
The New York Times

WASHINGTON (AP) — A conservative group must abide by campaign finance laws if it wants to run advertisements promoting its anti-Hillary Rodham Clinton movie, a federal court ruled Tuesday. The group, Citizens United, had hoped to run the television advertisements in key election states during peak primary season. The ruling means it must keep its commercials off the air or attach a disclaimer and disclose its donors. Lawyers for the group had argued that its 90-minute “Hillary: The Movie” was no different from documentaries seen on television news shows like “60 Minutes” and “Nova.” That prompted skepticism and, at one point, outright laughter from the judges at a hearing last week.

Human Events

“No matter how she tries to reconfigure herself for mainstream popular consumption, Americans must be reminded that Hillary Clinton, who rushed to kiss Mrs. Yassar Arafat, remains, deep down, the radical Lefty of the late 60s, the Wellesley graduate who acquired fame with her anti-American, anti-war graduation speech, hurling all the left wing clichés that have now become the parlance of the hate-Americans in Europe and in American academia. She is as fit to be President of the United States as is Jane Fonda.”

Washtington Times

“When liberals like Michael Moore and Al Gore make documentaries, they’re on Leno, Letterman, Oprah, “60 Minutes,” etc., and the premieres are red-carpet affairs at Hollywood, Sundance, Cannes, etc.

The Washington DC premiere of “Hillary: The Movie” is at a multiplex in Georgetown, and they’re not even allowed to advertise:

A legal battle over advertisements for a new documentary about Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton illustrates the folly of current campaign-finance laws, says the attorney for the producers of the film, which premieres tonight in Washington.”

World Net Daily
The Denver Post
And here are several articles that include descriptions of a variety of Hillary Clintons crimes. These crimes are mostly felonies, but some are moral crimes.
Front Page Magazine: The Clinton Censors

“Well, it looks as though among the twenty television DVDs slated for nationwide release on Sept. 11, your film, The Path to 9/11, is not one of them. It couldn’t possibly be that your $40-million, five-hour ABC miniseries, which has received seven Emmy nominations and attracted an audience of 25 million people, has no interest. It definitely has more interest than a lot of the garbage on DVD shelves. What is happening here do you think?”


“I’ve been told by a top Disney/ABC exec that “if Hillary weren’t running for President this wouldn’t be a problem”, meaning the DVD would be out. This is to appease the Clintons, plain and simple.”

NBC Dateline: Full Transcript of NBC Dateline report on Juanita Broaddrick

“Juanita Broaddrick: “I really don’t have an answer for that except to say I remember the approximate time of year. I probably should remember the date, although it’s something I wanted to forget.”

So NBC News tried to figure out the date of the alleged assault.

Broaddrick gave us access to all the business and personal records she says she could find. We also checked public records, nursing home records and convention schedules.

And indeed there was a nursing home meeting at the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock on April 25, 1978. Further, state records show Broaddrick got credit for a nursing home seminar that was held that day, April 25.

So was Bill Clinton even in Little Rock on April 25, 1978? Despite our repeated requests, the White House would not answer that question and declined to release any information about his schedule.

So we checked 45 Arkansas newspapers and talked to a dozen former Clinton staffers. We found no evidence that Clinton had any public appearances on the morning in question. Articles in Arkansas newspapers suggest he was in Little Rock that day.”

Discover the Networks The Clinton Crime Family
Co-President, Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton became the first first lady to testify before a grand jury when she was subpeonaed by the Whitewater grand jury.

“Took a $100,000 bribe, camouflaged as futures trades, from Tyson Foods Inc.

Speculated in Health Care industry futures while overseeing legislative reform of same.

Failed to correct false testimony by co-defendant Ira Magaziner in Health Care trial.

Obstructed justice by ordering the shredding of Vince Foster’s documents in the Rose Law Firm.

Ordered members of the Health Care Task Force to shred documents that were the target of a court probe.

Ordered the removal of documents from Vince Foster’s office and told aides to lie about their removal of documents.

Obstructed justice by keeping her billing records, a document sought under subpoena, in the White House residence.

Lied to investigators about her knowledge about billing records.

Lied to investigators about her involvement in the Castle Grande land flip con.

Ordered the use of the FBI to discredit Travel Office employees.

Lied to investigators about her involvement in the firing of Travel Office Employees.

A Federal judge orders a trial on July 25, 1994 to determine if Hillary Clinton’s heath care task force illegally operated in secret.

The White House finally releases more than 2,000 documents on June 25, 1996, relating to the travel office firings, originally requested two years prior by congressional investigators.”

Huffington Post: Clinton, I am NOT a Lesbian
The Advocate Online: The object of our affection

If she wasn’t aware of the speculation then, she surely heard about it when author Edward Klein brought it to the surface in his 2005 smear job The Truth About Hillary, in which he dubiously asserted that “the culture of lesbianism has influenced Hillary’s political goals and personal life since she was a student at Wellesley.”

No one is ever courteous enough to ask Clinton directly how she feels about the lesbian chatter. So I do.

“People say a lot of things about me, so I really don’t pay any attention to it,” she responds. “It’s not true, but it is something that I have no control over. People will say what they want to say.”

Front Page Magazine: Why The Clintons Belong in Prison

You state that Hillary is probably the “dirtiest person” in the history of American politics. Why do you say this?


“Hillary is all about herself and the acquisition of power by destroying anyone who gets in her way. To say that she has ice in her veins is an understatement. There are countless incidents in my book which document her contemptuous attitude toward the Secret Service, the military, and the Arkansas State Police. She would often use the vilest form of profanity while addressing her co-workers. And Hillary loves to use dirty tricks in politics. She makes the Nixon Watergate team look like choirboys. Hillary is more of a man than Bill ever was.”


When you say that Hillary is all about the acquisition of power, then can we presume that that is what her marriage to Clinton is all about? Is that why she never really cared about all his affairs? In other words, she was only concerned if he got caught but didn’t really care about the matters of the heart?


The Clinton marriage was just a business deal. I believe that Hillary has had her eyes set on the White House ever since Bill first became Governor of Arkansas– back in 1978.

It is common knowledge that Hillary is bi-sexual. According to Bill’s long-time ex-girlfriend Gennifer Flowers, Hillary enjoyed performing oral sex on other women.
On p.41 of Flowers’ autobiography “Passion and Betrayal”, Gennifer asked Bill if there was any truth to the rumor that Hillary was having an affair with another woman. Bill laughed and said (referring to Hillary): “Honey – she’s probably eaten more p—y than I have.”

What upset Hillary is not that Bill messed around. What upset her is that he got caught so many times.”

The Clinton Chronicles, The whole transcript is hosted on my blog. Click on the link to read it.

Bill Clinton, His Life, This documentary is hosted completely on my blog. Just click on the link to see the whole movie. This final clip, #12, contains a partial list of people murdered by the Clintons and their hit men.

“This documentary, entitled Bill Clinton: His Life, came out in 2004, right about the same time as the autobiography, Bill Clinton: My Life. It takes a good, hard look at the dirty dealings of both Bill and Hillary Clinton but, for some reason never achieved the popularity of Michael Moore’s fantasy film, Fahrenheit 911. This movie has been thoroughly suppressed by our left-wing media to the point that it’s not listed on IMDb, nor can you find anything about it through a Google search. Hopefully that will change now that it’s been made available on YouTube.

Watch and learn how the Clintons turned the White House into a headquarters for organized crime, communist spying and murder, all while the Clinton-friendly media kept the public distracted by focusing on a few of Slick Willy’s petty sexual encounters.”

Jenny Hatch

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