Howard Hughes Medical Institute featured on 60 minutes

I just watched this interesting story on 60 minutes. The late billionaire’s money is being used to probe life’s medical mysteries through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, America’s second largest charity. Lesley Stahl reports.
I went to the Hughes Medical Institute Web site and found this page which describes the goals of the new Janelia Farm.

Janelia Farm’s overall objective is to pursue fundamental problems in basic biomedical research that are difficult to approach in academia or industry, because:

They require expertise from disparate areas.

They are too long-term for standard funding mechanisms.

They are outside the current priorities of other funding agencies.”

They should have added a few more fundamental problems to the goals of this institute….
They are illegal, unethical, and/or criminal in nature.
They fulfill agendas and/or goals of population control whack jobs who believe they have the mandate and the power to decide how many people get to live on the earth.
They use intimidation, assassination, and biomedical means to control and or eliminate political or philisophical enemies.
They believe they are above the law and/or not accountable to any governement agency, inquiry, or checks and balances that are a part of governmental scientific inquiry.
Whew, what a lot of problems to overcome when researching the most efficient and cost effective ways to control populations and use Vaccines to kill and/or sterilize huge swaths of the people living on planet earth.
But hey, these people have all the money, power, and backing agendas of the worlds elites.
Only thing is, some of us don’t really relish the thought of them murdering innocent people and sterilizing and controling populations with bogus and fraudulent vaccination programs. It seems rather evil and underhanded.
A noxious stench is emanating from the Hughes Foundation…..I just wonder WHO is going to do a little inquiry into these operations and expose the vaccine population control agendas to federal authorities and the american public???
For some strange reason, I just don’t think 60 Minutes is up to the job…..
Jenny Hatch
PS To my international readers….If anyone from the US shows up in your country with big boxes of so called Malaria Vaccine and want to vaccinate all of the young girls from the ages of 10 to 14, grab your daughter, your sister, your neighbor, your friend and head for the hills!!!
If any of these dr. deaths happen to get some of that poison into your child and they have an adverse reaction, please email me the story with pictures, video, and your testimonial and I will publish it on my blog.

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