The Second International Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference and Provident Living/Birthing

My Journey to Unassisted Homebirth by Jenny Hatch:

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These past few months I have had an increase in spiritual promptings around Provident Living.
I have found myself tweaking and resupplying our food storage. And I have had an increase in preparedness dreams.
I have had these dreams my whole life. Ever since I was a child I was drawn to survival literature, stories, and real life accounts of individuals and families struggling through this situation or another. My parents spent quality time teaching me the gospel of Jesus Christ and I learned at a young age that the scriptures provide a map to the future that can safely guide and direct our lives.
My friends Lauren and Kent have been helping me with some musical productions. This picture was taken last week at a rehearsal.
As I have studied and learned the skills that have enabled me to break free from the snares of the Medical Gestapo, I have come to believe that some of the most empowering information parents can aquire are in fact those tied to birthing and parenting autonomy.
For me, Unassisted Birth has always been about Living Providently. Planning and preparing for a time of medical self sufficiency simply because during that time we may not have the luxury of driving to a hospital for help with a birth.
So many scenarios in our world could bring on that time when doctors and hospitals may not be available to help with the birth of a child. This recent article from WND outlines one of the little known challenges that present with terrorism. I wonder what effect a nuclear electromagnetic pulse attack would have on electronic fetal monitors, epidural machines, and obstetric operating theatres???
It is not my intention to catalog the various situations that may present. All one has to do is read the Book of Revelations and Matthew 24 to get a sense of the trials and tribulations that confront us today. In fact, it was while reading Matthew 24:19 that I first began to feel the need to learn Childbirth and Mothering self sufficiency.
It is my intention to once again point parents to the empowering information contained in the carefully prepared texts of my books and the video that has been continually available on my web site for the past seven years, sharing the stories, information, and testimony from families who have walked down the Unassisted Childbirth path.
If you would like to read my book Elijah Birth, prepared especially for Fathers during this time in our worlds history….Go Here to purchase the E-book.
If you would like to watch the 2nd International Husband/Wife Homebirth Conference on a web stream E Video, Please go here to purchase the conference. A conference transcript is also available for purchase.
These materials have been thoughtfully and prayerfully put together to help families quickly focus on the principles and practices that will help them during a time of upheaval and distress.
I pray that all families will take the time to ponder and prepare for a time of Childbirth self sufficiency.
Setting reasonable goals – like putting in a two week water supply, a 72 hour kit, and a three month supply of basic foods like wheat and beans will comfort and protect the innocent as well as provide insurance against a time of want and need.
As stated above, the spiritual promptings I have had lately have been unusually strong these past few months. Please take the time to ponder your life without a car, water flowing from the tap, electricity, and/or access to medical professionals. And then spend some time thinking about how to MITIGATE problems before they show up.
Many people have commented to me over the years how amazed they are by the LDS Church’s focus on Provident Living.
One of the main reasons Mormons take all of this so seriously is that we believe the scriptures are real, the prophecies are real, and unlike some of our Christian brothers and sisters, we actually believe the prophecies around the end times are going to happen. And so we prepare.
It is my hope and prayer that you who are reading this today will step back from your life for a couple hours and thoughtfully think through some scenarios and preparations that may help you and your family.
Jenny Hatch

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