American Victory Coalition, Brian Ivers Speech and Ward Churchill is a criminal!

This past week I helped to promote this rally in the local media. I did not take many pictures or videos because I was interviewed by so many news outlets and did not have time. I did happen to get this footage of Marine Brian Ivers. His amazing speech was the highlight of the rally for me. Here is a clip from it, with a few photos that I took of the demo.

You Tube Version

Jenny Hatch

Dale Lanhams Slide Show on Flicker

The Rocky Mountain News got a picture of me wiping my nose with my UN Flag Hankie. It is picture number ten in this slide show.

Rocky Mountain News Coverage of our Rally

El Marco’s photos at Looking at the Left.

Here are Dale Lanhams videos from the Pro Troop Demo during the DNC in Denver:
Brian Ivers:

Jenny Hatch

The only question I really have is why did a couple of young anti-war activists start hanging around my house as soon as I put info about our Pro War Rally on my blog and at Free Republic? Just what were you dudes doing following me down South Boulder Road while I biked my son to kindergarten???

And what was that guy in a car with a Colorado License plate number 415-MZE doing following me from my house to the rally? (Did you see me blow you kisses out my window and wave when you were waiting at the light by South Boulder Road and Hwy 42?) Yes you, in your green peace shirt, short black hair, and sunglasses. I reported your car to the Denver Police. And I will be carrying my camera with me these next few weeks, so if you show your ugly face around my house or my family again, I will be making a stalking report to the Louisville Police.
I was looking at the videos put together by the Denver Post and saw this familiar face in the crowd. What exactly were you going to do when you quickly walked up to my bike last thursday?

You really should take lessons from Ward Churchill on how to intimidate and threaten a political oponent. He stalked me to Wal Mart and then waited for me and my sons to come out and threw some nasty chemical on us.

Much more effective than just simply following us around town for a couple days. See he thinks it is OK for him to use American Free Speech to cover his ugly heiny, But he believes it is just fine to bully and intimidate a woman and her children. I was sick for a whole year after his attack. You are all a bunch of miscreant losers to me.

Here is a picture of me taken a week after the chemical attack.

It was when I watched a report like this one of Griff Jenkins getting roughed up by Churchill’s body guards that I decided to publicly accuse him the same way I did the night of the attack on Free Republic.

BARF! “Nobody touches Ward while he’s here.”

If you would like to learn about real bravery, real valor, and honest to goodness real american values,

Go Here to Learn More about Brian Ivers

Brian Ivers bravery entered into the Congressional Record by Marilyn Musgrave


Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Mrs. MUSGRAVE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today
to honor Marine Staff Sgt. Brian Ivers for his
bravery in the face of combat during Operation
Freedom in Iraq. Mr. Ivers is a resident of Fort
Collins and is a Police Officer of that fair city.
Serving his country on active duty in the
Fox 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marine Regiment, 1st
Division, his company was ordered to rescue
a group of Marine artillerymen who took a
wrong turn in the town of Al Gaharraf. Encountering
a near blinding sand and rain storm
as they entered the town, no air support could
be provided.
Staff Sergeant Ivers’ platoon came under
fire as they entered Al Gaharaff. As the first
platoon dismounted, they immediately engaged
with the enemy. Sergeant Jim Cawley’s
platoon worked to suppress the enemy long
enough to allow Sergeant Ivers’ platoon to
enter the town.
Sergeant Cawley’s platoon fought a gun
battle while occupying a building. A grenade
was launched into the building and leveled
many of the marines because of the concussion.
Enemy fire had increased all around
them while they were returning fire. One of the
marines was trapped inside the building.
Staff Sergeant Ivers attempted to rescue
him. In his own words, Brian said, ‘‘I got up to
get him as I thought I could just grab his hand
and drag him out. As I moved along the wall,
rounds began to punch holes out of the concrete
in front of me. I turned to go back to
where I had just come from and was struck in
the side with a round. The force of it spun me
around and at the time I thought I had been
hit in the kidney.’’
Later, Brian would realize that the bayonet
had taken the impact of the round, deflecting
it to his flack jacket, thus saving his life. His
platoon was in contact with the enemy for over
a half hour and was running low on ammunition.
They were finally told to pull out because
air cover was expected. A tank showed up
about 40 minutes later.
Brian’s ribs were blue with bruises. Months
later, Brian found out that he had broken the
eleventh rib—a good reminder that their battle
had saved a unit of the eleventh Marines.
Because he received a wound while in combat,
Staff Sergeant Brian Ivers will receive the
Purple Heart. Mr. Speaker, we are so fortunate
to live in this great country where freedom
is something that we rarely have to think
about and often take for granted.
Denver Post Moonbat Video

A few more videos, this was the one where I noticed the person who had been stalking me for the past few days.

Fox News smack down….(F bomb alert)

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