Is it the Economy Stupid, or do we have to be concerned about Barack Obama’s Sexual Orientation??

Quote from Ron Paul:

“Whenever a Great Bipartisan Consensus is announced, and a compliant media assures everyone that the wondrous actions of our wise leaders are being taken for our own good, you can know with absolute certainty that disaster is about to strike.”

Our family attended a debate party last night. I thought overall it was pretty boring, with predictable answers from both sides, and a little bit of back handed smacking going on.
As for who won, I really don’t care. I thought they both looked pretty good, had good answers prepared for each question, and used good debate skills to score points with the base, whoever they were playing to.
After the debate we got into a little chat about the economy and had a good conversation about the war and who has the character to lead. My friends got upset when I mentioned Obamas crack cocaine use and his sexual immorality. This story has been completely suppressed by the media. Only republican homosexuals are outed by the media.
The heated exchange with such wonderful friends reminded me of a conversation/political debate that took place in my home months before Bill Clinton was nominated as a presidential candidate. I had been reading some claims about Bill’s cheatin’ heart and I tried to inform my friends who were planning to vote for him, that Bill Clinton had serious immorality issues and was a known child rapist and womanizer. It was sort of like I had all of a sudden stood up and yelled to my mormon friends, “the church is a lie, the gospel is a fraud, and you are all a bunch of know nothing dupes!”
The way they responded then and again last night was total indignation and disbelief. Sort of a “you can’t say that” stance. My response to anyone in my life who says to me, “you can’t say that”, is generally “Watch me.”
And so in a spirit of wanting to share the ugly truth, no matter how painful it may be for some to see, here is a video that explains the sexual immorality of Barack Obama.
A five minute google search will confirm this story is being talked about all over the web.

I don’t share this to be mean, or in your face, or prove to you that you are dumb. I share it out of a deep concern that a man who will cheat on his wife will in fact cheat on his country when he is President. Bill Clinton was the most corrupted individual to ever set foot in the White House, run the oval office, and play the role of commander in chief. I do no think Obama is as evil as Clinton, but I do think we would do well to put someone at the helm of our great country who is faithful to his family. This should be the ultimate test of all of our politicians.

The Honorable James David Manning explains why Sen. Barack Obama would not make a good president. This message was originally preached on 26 April 2008.
Here is a link to a blog that agrees with James Mannings views on Obamas Men

“Now, to the issue at hand. Several months ago, Pastor James Manning of Atlah Worldwide YouTube infamy, discussed the fact that many of these same Black men chasing behind Obama are not handling their responsibilities where their children or their wives are concerned. Instantly, he was vilified. Now, what do you all have to say? Now that CNN has done nothing but regurgitate the same information? Will you shout from the rooftops that they are lying? That it isn’t true? That they are “haters”? Oh, but the information is true my friends. It is true and I know the truth hurts, but pain doesn’t make it a lie.

I talked to Spice at length about this tonight and I’m glad we had the conversation. We haven’t had a good discussion about race issues in a while. I’m sure due to her lingering belief that I’m a sellout for not supporting Barack Obama, but I’m glad we talked about these things like we used to do way back in the day. Besides, the truth will finally be accepted by African-Americans about him too. As I said before, I will never turn away the people I love and respect when they come around and utter the words, “Gosh Sugar, you were right about him.” I will do my best to not utter “I told you so’s”, but it will be tough.

Now, let’s let Pastor Manning tell us all one more time about these Obama men (see below). Trust that I do not believe that all Black men are miserable failures. I do not and I love my brothers with all of my heart from the pits of my soul, but there is a problem and we can’t keep acting as though it doesn’t exist. This s*** that CNN did…playing us for sweeps revenue is sick, but even at that, the facts remain… –SUGAR”

Pastor Manning asks if the black men with Obama paying child support?
This message was preached on 23 February 2008
Jenny Hatch

The Hon. James David Manning says Oprah Winfrey, Barack Hussein Obama, and Jeremiah Wright are the Trinity of Hell. This message was preached on 10 May 2008.

Michael Savage interviews Rev. James Manning Part 1

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