Obama Death Count: Donald Young Choir Director at Obamas Church


Original Post:

I’m putting a new section on my blog. This Catagory will be updated occasionally as new media, in the form of bloggers etc…share stories about the murders that have taken place around the Obama Campaign. Old Media absolutely refuses to do much more than shoot the messengers.
Along the lines of my Clinton Death Count blog postings which are encapsulated in this blog entry, I will now be documenting those deaths that have been attributed to silencing those who know the truth about Barack Obamas Drug Use and Sexual Orientation.
Lately I have been thinking that if a republican politician had murdered an ex gay lover to silence him or her, the media would have been all over that crime, to the point that we would have had new hate crime legislation along the lines of what was proposed when Matt Shepherd was murdered, and the politician tied to the murder would have been tarred, feather, castrated, and then cut up in little pieces (figuritively speaking) by the Homosexual Activists in our country.
Yet because we have a person running for the presidency who has the kind of political views the left holds sacred, all crimes, all drug use, all murder, all intimidation has been completely ignored by the press, even though we have ex-Obama sex partner Larry Sinclair literally running through the streets with a bull horn trying to inform the public with the truth.
Larry I have been praying for your safety ever since I heard about your story!
This post is dedicated to a young gay man named Donald Young who is alleged to have been Obamas Gay Lover.
Rest in Peace Donald. God bless your family, your choir members, and your friends who undoubtedly know the truth, and have been terrorized into silence.
Jenny Hatch
If you have any evidence of other hate crimes against homosexuals who have been intimidated into silence around the Obama Campaign, Please contact me at Jenny@NaturalFamilyCo.com to share your story, photos, links, video etc…so the truth can be heard before the election.


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