Donald Young, murdered in Chicago – Obamas Gay Lover???

This story, supressed by the media, is the one that most concerns me as an American.

Larry Sinclair has been yelling about Obamas Bi-Sexuality for many months now and he has been mostly ignored by the media and the blog world. I heard about his claims at Free Republic when his first You Tube Video was published months ago.
I did not blog about it because I honestly did not care about Baracks sexuality. I figured if he was gay…whatever…I was not planning to vote for him. But when I read about Donald Young, the Gay Choir Director of Reverend Wrights church in Chicago being murdered last year, I found myself increasingly angry that the story was not properly vetted in the press, except to discredit and make fun of Larry Sinclair.
And when I read on Larrys blog how he was being bullied by Obama thugs, I was completely enraged that a citizen of our country was being falsely arrested and had his site hacked etc…
Here is a link to the most recent Jeff Rense interview with Larry. Scroll down for the link. (Jeff’s site has also been repeatedly hacked)
Free Republic has been pulled for hours off the web, and my own blog has been hacked twice this month since I posted the information about Larry Sinclair and Donald Young.
I guess the thing that is most important to me is the truth. Before Bill Clinton was elected we had all sorts of stories coming out about his immorality. He allowed a Bimbo Eruption campaign to be conducted against his past girlfriends. Some of these women were brutalized by Clinton Thugs.
But to have this gay man in Chicago murdered, it just breaks my heart, and I believe the public has a right to know the truth. How many political murders and coverups will be conducted against the American People over the next four years if Barack Obama is elected president in three days time?
It just sickens me to think about the police state we will be living in if the commie thugs take over our government.
Please take some time to ponder and pray about this issue before you vote on tuesday.
Jenny Hatch

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