Denver CBS4 – Denver Constitution Teaparty Story w/ Video

IMG_2444Video Link: Go Here to watch the CBS 4 Video
And the story:
Hundreds Rally Against Big Government In Denver
DENVER (CBS4) Coloradans who couldn’t make it to Washington, D.C. held two rallies at the State Capitol Saturday to protest health care reform and other issues. One rally was held in the afternoon and one was held at night.
The protesters listened to an audio recording of the nation’s founding documents and rallied around the principles stated in the Constitution. They sang patriotic songs and cheered as a host of speakers spoke about the increasing deficit, rising taxes and growing government.
Many of protesters held signs that read “No More Debt” and “Vote Out Clunkers In Congress.”
“We will not stand by while our free-market capitalist system, the greatest engine of prosperity in the history of the world, is destroyed in favor of yet another disastrous experiment with socialism,” coordinator Tony Gillis said.
“We gather peacefully here today because there is a growing concern about what our government is doing to us and our future,” said Dianne Powers, who attended the rally. “We fear for the very survival of our republic. Yet there is much to make us hopeful and to fill our hearts with optimism and courage. This is still our county.”
Along with advocating for less government, they also advocated for less government spending, which includes health care reform.
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