Denver Constitution Teaparty AAR (After Action Report)

img_2442Just a few facts about our organizational efforts for this teaparty:
I spent two months and approx. 205 volunteer hours planning this event. All time donated for free. I also spent $520.00 out of pocket for the sound and light system rental, batteries, and blank CD’s.
We had a team of people who donated as yet uncounted volunteer hours helping with the logistics of this event.
We had pledged donations of $275.00 before the event (I have yet to see any of this money), and we collected $120.00 at one of our planning meetings, and in our donation bin at the actual event we collected $185.00. We did not charge for booth space at our event, and the permit from the Denver Capitol was free.
All speakers, our national anthem contest winner Andrea Chase, and our security team drove themselves to our event (And in Andreas case – flew to Colorado from texas with her mother), and all of them donated their time to make this event a success!
No one was paid anything for helping, they all did it because they wanted to step up and spend time, money, and resources on the Defense of Liberty.
Jenny Hatch
Here is the teaparty as best I can reconstruct it. (We did not have anyone videotape it for us)
As my son Andy and I drove down to Denver to pick up the Banner that Jeff at Show Your Colors Flag store created for us, it was pouring rain and the sky was completely dark with clouds. I figured God had some purpose in this, and did not question his wisdom, but drove quickly to get the flag so I could get to the Capitol by 4:30PM as I had promised.
When we arrived at the capitol, booths were being set up and we could not figure out how to open the gate that would allow us to unload the sound and lighting equipment I had rented. Our marshall figured it out and by 4:50PM we were unloading. A bunch of people stepped up to help and we had everything connected and ready to go by 5:30 as promised. All of the equipment was soaked despite garbage bags protecting it from the rain. As I flipped the switch to turn everything on, nothing happened, no lights, no sound, yet the receiver was sending out a signal. So I called all of our volunteers together and we said a prayer.
A few seconds later a sound tech walked up and said he would like to help. I figured God had sent an angel to help us as answer to our prayer, and twenty minutes later when the sound popped on, I knew that I was right!
As soon as the sound came on we started our evening – please note it continued to rain despite all prayers begging that it stop, and I have just decided that Heavenly Father knows what he is about, and if he wanted it to be cold and rainy that was his business. The weather did not dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd in the least and they were all particularly joyful when certain amendments regarding the owning of firearms were mentioned. Here is the rest of the agenda with video and news clips added in for color.
Denver Constitution Evening Teaparty Agenda and Speakers
5:30 PM Reading of the Constitution of the United States of America
6:40 PM Reading of The Declaration of Independence
6:50 PM Reading of The Bill of Rights
Musical Accompaniment – Various Recordings of Patriotic Hymns and Anthems
7:00PM Beginning of 9-12 Teaparty
National Anthem Contest Winner:
Andrea Chase

Runner Up Palmer Kane Allen
Music: The Star Spangled Banner Verse Four – sung pathetically bad by a stressed and overwhelmed Jenny Hatch: (Track 1 – Time 1:24)
O thus be it ever when free men shall stand between their loved homes
and the wars desolation!
Blest with vict’ry and peace,
May the Heav’n-rescued land,
Praise the Pow’r that hath made and preserved us a nation!
Then conquer we must,
when our cause it is just;
And this be our motto:
“In God is our trust!”
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Pledge of Allegiance
Music: God Bless America (Track 2 – Time 3:40)
7:10PM Honoring of our Veterans, Blue Star Families, and Gold Star Families
Music: America the Beautiful (Track 3 – Time 4:39)
7:25PM Opening Remarks by Anthony Gillis – 10 minutes of Colorado Tea Party
Music: My Country Tis of Thee – (Track 5 – Time 2:17)
7:35 PM Mystery Speaker
Music: Amazing Grace – (Track 6 – Time 6:26)
7:45PM Citizen Reports on Colorado Grass Roots Activism (5 Minutes)
Lou Schroeder
Freda Poundstone
Russ Haas
Music: You’re A Grand Old Flag – (Track 8 – Time: 2:37)
Good Evening. My name is Dianne Powers and ….as an American, a Christian, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a student who just graduated with a degree in radiology…in healthcare…and unemployed…..I believe that this message I am going to share with you tonight, embodies the very essence of why we are here and saves the best for last, which is what we can do when we leave here tonight!
It is an honor to read Dr. Donald Mays message delivered at an American Tea Party in Lubbuck Texas, to this American Tea Party in the great state of Colorado at our capitol. You may google more on Dr May and the delivery of this message.
It’s called:
“This is A Time For Courage”
“Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a Time For Courage.
We are gathered here today on the ‘Front Range” of “Colorado” in common purpose. We are here to remind our government that this is our country.
We the People are still in charge, and our government is still our servant and not our master. Our Nation’s founding document is The Declaration of Independence . It tells us that our rights come from God and NOT from a small group of Elite men and women.
Our Constitution starts with the words “We the People.” Our Constitution was written for ordinary Americans like you and me. Our Constitution protects us from our government and from the politicians.

Washington DC Street Cam – it was estimated that 1.7 MILLION people attended the 9-12 Rally
Our President has complained that our Constitution gives ordinary people too much protection. He has ridiculed us for the high value we place on our Bibles, our guns, our personal property, and our Liberty . He tells us we do not deserve to keep the money we have earned. We are told freedom has not worked. Personal responsibility, free enterprise, and Liberty have not
been effective. Our government will now make more of our decisions for us.
Other than our military, I can think of not one government agency I have ever found to be helpful. And speaking of our military, how about those Navy Seals blowing the heads off those three terrorist pirates? Don’t you just wish our entire government would function with such efficiency, professionalism, and courage?
This slide show from 7 news captured many of the signs of those who attended the Evening Constitution Teaparty at the capitol.
We watch in disbelief as our beloved United States is weakened economically, militarily, and morally by a Radical President and his eager accomplices. What has taken generations to build is systematically destroyed and replaced with the same Socialist Evil that brought poverty, destruction, and despair to untold hundreds of millions.
The problems we face today have occurred because we have not defended our Nation from Socialism. For too long we have allowed the wrong people to make the worst possible decisions.
Crowds also gather in cold rain outside Colorado Capitol
The Bible warns us of class hatred. The Radical leadership of our government daily fans the evil flames of class envy. Our European and Canadian friends beg us to NOT make the same Socialist mistakes they did.
The President of the European20Union warned our President that his Socialist economic plans are taking the World down the ‘road to Hell.’ The path to power for Socialists includes taking God and guns from the citizens. Without spiritual and physical protection, people cannot defend themselves and their Liberty . They soon become slaves.
We are angered that…our President apologizes for the exceptionalism and heroism of the United States of America . We are deeply troubled that he told others the United States is not a Christian nation.
We are angered that…we have been called cowards and racists because we oppose Socialism. Socialism is not racial. Socialism is an equal opportunity destroyer.

Thousands brave rain for Colorado Teaparty in front of capitol
We are angered that…a recent Department of Homeland Security report has singled out our military men and women who are returning home as being radical threats. The report also characterizes you and me as right-wing extremists and radicals because we favor smaller government and lower taxes.
You and I are average citizens who believe just like most of our fellow Americans. We want our government to leave us alone and to keep its hands off our money, our religion, our guns, our private property, and our lives. We demand that our government STOP spending money it does not have; STOP confiscating our money and private property; STOP printing money; STOP subsidizing Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the other failed financial institutions and companies.
This video was tied to this story at 9 news web site

Mr. President, stop appointing tax cheats to positions of power and influence.
Mr. President, secure our borders.
Mr. President, do NOT divert money from our missile defense, F-22Raptors, and other vital military equipment. This gives encouragement, aid, and comfort to our enemies. Protecting us is your number one job.
Mr. President, do NOT give voting rights to millions of illegal aliens and felons. You have no more right to create new voters for your benefit than you do to use our money to buy the 2010 and 2012 Elections..
We gather peacefully here today because there is a growing concern for what our government is doing to us and to our future. We fear for the very survival of our Republic. Yet there is much to make us hopeful and to fill our hearts with optimism and courage. This is still OUR country!
The video link below, which does not allow embedding, has Dianne Powers saying these very words in her speech!
Video Link: Go Here to watch the CBS 4 Video
And the story:
Hundreds Rally Against Big Government In Denver
The Constitution of the United States belongs to We the People. Our Constitution still protects us from our government.
Call every possible elected official, including our President, Vice President, and the Speaker of the House. Demand that they STOP stealing our money and giving it to ACORN and their other political supporters in order to buy votes.
Call Senators Cornyn and Hutchison, and Representative Neugebauer. Thank them. Urge them to do much more. Remind them now is a time for action and not for campaigning.
Volunteer to work on our 2010 Census. Confront ACORN. Keep our Census honest. We must NOT allow our President to take control of our Census for his political advantage.
We must replace as much of our Far Left Congress as possible in 2010. Get involved. Do NOT let the ACORN control our 2010 Election.
Talk with someone every day who does not understand our nation’s history and our great heritage. Tell them why the United States is a good and prosperous nation. It still remains that brightly lit city on the hill. It still is the best hope for all mankind. Talk with all of the young people you can find.
They are our future. Many do not understand what they have and that their future is being destroyed.
Encourage your elected State officials to pass legislation that will protect us from our Federal government. This is a time for strong peaceful action. Let us PRAY that We the People can quickly return our government to its Constitutional responsibilities. Our President and Congress were elected to be our servants and NOT our masters.
May God help our President and Congress to quickly realize the error of their ways and stop their reckless and unwarranted spending, cut our taxes, and reduce the size of our Federal bureaucracy. If they do not, may God grant us the courage and determination to vote them out of power next year.
May God richly bless and protect each of you, and our Constitution, as together we pursue Liberty!”
This is a powerful message delivered by Dr. Donald May on Wednesday, April 15, at 11:49 p.m., at the Lubbock, Texas, Tea Party.
As one Texan put it well, Dr. Donald May, a black man, delivered this message from the courthouse steps in Lubbock. He electrified the audience. His delivery was masterful.
The news media was there, but not one word of this man’s appearance ever appeared on TV or in print, even though he completely dominated the scene. It should be on the front page of every newspaper in the USA instead of being swept under the rug and kept off the news broadcasts. Our news media leaves much to be desired, plain and simple. They are not “reporting the news”; they are telling us what they want us to hear and that is not reporting the news.
One more step toward Socialism. Lets keep this going so everyone will know the truth.
Music: Down in the Valley – (Track 9 – Time: 3:24)
8:00PM Mike Holler (25 minutes) Author of the Book, The Constitution Made Easy
Music: Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue – (Track 13 – Time – 3:17)
8:30PM Terry Dodd (20 Minutes)
Music: The Star Spangled Banner – (Track 7 – Time – 5:44)
9:00PM Candlelight Vigil for Freedom Musical Accompaniment – Various Recordings of Patriotic Hymns and Anthems (Tracks 10 – 15 Time – 25 Minutes)
We finished up the speakers by about 8:30 and I announced that we were going to just have one song’s worth of vigil, I blasted out Martina McBrides version of God Bless America and we called it a night!
A blogger named James Conyers attended our teaparty and made this report on his blog:
We The Teaple

Jenny at Boulder Rally – Fight for Victory Tour

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