AAR – After Action Report: Denver "Don't Inject ME!" Protest and Rally for Medical Freedom

I’ve now had about 24 hours to think about the Protest.  And I thought I would share just a quick outline of what happened.

I organized this event three weeks ago.

I started by getting the permit from the Capitol, which is no big deal, you just fill out the form and send it in, does not cost anything, and it just takes a few days for the email containing the permit to be sent back.

When I organized the 9-12 teaparty, I spent fifty dollars cash as a deposit for the key to the electrical box.  This deposit was refunded once the key was returned, so it was my only out of pocket cost associated with the actual venue.  With this Protest we used a battery powered sound system, so I did not have to worry about the key.

After obtaining the permit (Which was sort of up in the air as they like to have a months notice and reserve the right to deny any last minute events), I was pleased that whoever OK’d it let me use the space despite only three weeks notice.

I then spent a week reaching out to the diverse Anti-Vaccine Community by email.  I invited everyone I could think of who had ever written anything against vaccines, particularly the recent H1N1.  I was saddened by the fact that only three people who were activists and writers/healers bothered to respond to my request for them to speak.  Desiree Jennings was kind enough to respond to my request and told me she would love to attend and speak, but was too sick to travel.

I was absolutely thrilled when Sherri Kane responded and after a few emails confirmed that Dr. Leonard Horowitz would be willing to attend and speak at this event.  Since I did not have any money for speakers fees and flying anyone in, the graciousness of this commitment still leaves me somewhat speechless.

Once I had a key note speaker, I went looking for places on the web to promote this event.  I posted information on all of the teaparty sites (resistnet teaparty patriots) , free republic, my blog, and was saddened that the big anti vaccine sites did not mention the protest (Mercola, Blaylock, etc..).  I was thrilled to hear that Rima Laibo of Natural Solutions Foundation mentioned the Protest in her newsletter.  But was surprised that sites like Infowars, The Flu Case, Dr. Carley, and others did not take a few minutes to mention the protest on their sites.

I suppose I was naive enough to believe that any protest organized by any person would be promoted on those sites.

Be that as it may, as the days passed, I continued to promote the Protest with multiple Press Releases, attempts to communicate with various talk radio and national personalities like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Don Imus to get the word out.  But no one responded.  I was on Leonard Horowitzs Radio show last week – the Nov 17th Show.  And Dr. Horowitz was kind enough to create the photo shop of the rally banner ad that is found around the web…


While we talked on the radio,  Sherri threw out the idea of making Wanted Posters.  Leonard suggested we title them “Wanted for Genocide” posters.  Since naming the names of the Genocidal Criminals was the whole point of the Protest, I figured that was the best idea of all.  So Sherri Created the posters and emailed them to me and I made the above video.

I was deeply concerned that the word was NOT getting out about the rally, so I started connecting with local activists groups.  The Colorado Group that actually showed up to the Rally was the “We are Change” Colorado activists.  It was such a pleasure to meet these patriots, and spend a few hours talking with them and working together to capture the Protest on Digital Cameras.

Chris, with the Colorado Springs group immediately posted our information about the protest on his web site and emailed his whole group.  A few of them were the only people to show up to the actual protest as participants.  We also had Jeffry John Aufderheide, a father whose Son was vaccine damaged speak, Jeff’s web site is Vactruth.com and his chiropractor Joseph Arvay of Maximized Living in Northglenn also spoke.

We had about five people video tape the whole protest.  Sherri and I spoke together and named the names of the murderers who have unleashed this crime on the planet.  Dr. Horowitz gave an impassioned and perfect speech to end the Protest, and the guys from We Are Change interviewed him after the Protest during the Press Conference.

Not one reporter from the mainstream media showed up to cover this event, despite numerous and repeated attempts to contact them and make them aware of the Protest.  But David from Backpack Journalism showed up and took many pictures.  I look forward to seeing his photo essay.

I also created a facebook page to further promote the Protest.  Sherri Kane sent my press release to a French Group who posted it on their site.

Here is the text of that Press Release:


Criminals Wanted for GENOCIDE!!!
Criminals will be identified at the Denver Rally.
Investigative Journalist Sherri Kane put together these wanted for genocide posters. She will give the opening address at the Denver “Don’t inject me” Protest and rally for Medical Freedom on Friday November 27th from noon to 2 PM on the west steps of the Denver Capitol.
These Eugenists will be named, and we will call for all of them to be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.
Leonard Horowitz will give the keynote address at the protest.
As the Protest Organizer, I have been sending out updates and press releases on this event for two weeks.  The only journalists who have shown any interest in our event have been talk radio hosts.  To date, not one major media organization has taken the time or energy to cover this event.
For those of you who call yourselves journalists, when your children look you in the eye some day in the distant future and ask you why you did nothing to stop the carnage, my question to you is, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF???
Do you think you will lose your job?  Your life?  Your credibility???
Plenty of people have died while this most recent vaccine scam has been rolled out. Researchers, scientists, and now those who are getting the actual shot. And each mother who drops a baby in miscarriage, who will one day have to face the reality that the H1N1 vaccine left her infertile and unable to ever get pregnant again, some of that responsibility rests on those of you who refuse to tell the whole story.  You in the media will have hell to pay when the American People finally realize that like the 70’s flu hype, they have been scammed once again by the very same people.
The best resource on the web for information about the flu scam is Dr. Horowitz Site http://www.fluscam.com/Latest_News.html
Maybe you think that if you ignore this story, it will just go away.  But each day that passes only means that more people will die.  It is time to expose the frauds, stand up to the bullies, and tell those who think they are God, that they are going to be held accountable for the death, sickness, and mayhem being perpetrated on the world.
Call me if you have the guts to do a story…
Jenny Hatch
Email Jenny Hatch
Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!
I will add Videos of the speeches, Still Pictures, and more information about the Protest as it becomes available.
Jenny Hatch

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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