“Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!” Click to read…

Here is the link to my Dissertation on Motherhood.

As a PhD Mommy in the Hood, this post was my attempt to help at home Moms quantify and settle in their hearts the choice to live uncredentialed by those who scorn our life choices as full time Home Makers. As a confirmed ANTI-Feminist, this treatise on Mothering is summed up best by my Thesis Statement:

Thesis: The New Millennium finds the modern woman at a crossroads. Will we continue on this path of destruction forged by medical science, or will we claim our sovereignty as women and restore/retain The Divine Feminine and claim our freedoms of self-determination?

Although I wrote this PhD paper with tongue in cheek good humor, the principles contained therein encompass all of my heart felt beliefs around Motherhood.

I have been heckled and mocked in various forums for many years because of this line in the sand I have drawn around the sanctity of my daily work. Yet I have proudly published and defended my thesis despite the bullying by various feminists who have  dismissed my words and lifestyle choices as a joke.

I would challenge any of you who are PhD’s in Women’s Studies who have also published Dissertations to do what I have done and openly share your work on the web.

Several times when I have made this request after being belittled and ridiculed by those who believe I am nuts, these, my intellectual sisters, tucked tail and RAN rather than openly share the nonsensical drivel that earned them a PhD in whatever the current marxist feminist thinking is.

The level of vitriol against the conscientious homemaker has reached fever pitch in America. I will know my lifes work is complete when young women are openly encouraged by their families and society to get married and devote themselves completely to raising a healthy family.

Jenny Hatch


Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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