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     When I began writing this blog in 2005, I spent a few weeks writing an Introduction, (click here to read) before it was set up, so that those of you who do not know me could have a chance to learn a little more about my writing style and goals for the blog.

I did not want anyone to be in the dark about my long term agendas for this endeavor.

Some things have changed for me politically in the past four years. I have steadily been moving from the Neo Con Camp to the Libertarian side of the political spectrum as world events have played out.

I am still a fierce Constitutionalist and lover of freedom, but as a confirmed news junkie, my sources for information have gradually shifted from all of the top conservative writers and thinkers (whom I still read), to include daily visits to web sites that have been written by writers from all over the political spectrum.

I particularly love reading posts by the acutely austere, ruminative, and earnest authors as typified by those written by Dave Berg at Iowahawk and Tamn at Seriously, SO Blessed.

The observant policy analysis from such great thinkers coupled with my pubescent pedagogy from Professor Berkeley Breathed (Ack! Bill the Cat for Prez…spit…hey…THPPPT!), of Bloom County Fame, leave me uniquely equipped to comment on all things Political.

My number one goal of the promotion of Homebirth has not changed, but has only grown more intense as the health care debate has played out this year. I believe Childbirth should be done in the home for the vast majority of Mothers on planet earth.

And in the coming years this goal will continue on.

I’m thinking about starting a blog talk radio show for Moms in the coming months and as always will share bits and pieces of good information for those Mothers who would like to walk down a different path than the one that has been sold to us by the media and the corporations who manipulate what we are taught.

If you would like to “get to know me better” please take a few minutes to read this intro.

It is still pretty much the way I wrote it in the summer of 2005.

Jenny Hatch

Jenny Hatch 

*Note: I am a trained Musical Theatre Performer, NOT a writer. I have been contacted many times over the years by readers who take issue with my presumptiousness at even calling myself a Blogger, much less a Writer.

And this is wut I have to say bout that:

Go HERE or HERE if you want to really understand how I feel about the craft of wordsmithing.

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