Terrorism on 9-11 Looking for the truth

I watched Loose Change a few days ago and have been thinking about it ever since.

I am not someone who would probably ever feel comfortable calling myself a 9-11 “truther”.

But somewhere between The Path to 9-11 Documentary and Loose Change, the truth is to be found.  As to where I fit on that spectrum, can’t really say at this point.  The path to 9-11 fit with my Neocon World View and all of the research and news junkie reading that I had done for decades, and I know for a fact the Clintons tried to delay it being released on video when Hillary was running for Prez.

I suppose the best way to describe where I am today is simply curious.  The Loose Change documentarians and Jesse Ventura have asked some really good questions.  And I like the fact that Jesse interviewed people who were in New York on 9-11.

As I said a few weeks ago, I am not convicted the President Bush and Dick Cheney planned and implemented 9-11.  But I am open to the idea that World Government Elites perhaps funded and/or helped manipulate certain groups towards a 9-11 terrorist event to further certain Slavery Agendas.  These one worlders are the ones who run our American Media, and I just cannot believe at this point that the eight years of screaming about the Iraq War and all of the hate and rage against the Wars and the Presidents Neo-Con policies were faked and that the wars to help the people of Iraq and Afghanistan were all part of some big neolithic effort to make Halliburton Share Holders and Executives wealthy and to make gobs of money for the defense industry.

No soldier was holding a gun to anyones head when the millions of Iraqi and Afghani citizens went to the pols to vote in their democratic elections.  In fact, American Soldiers died trying to protect the people while they voted and set up their governments.

The World Government boobs hate democracy, love socialism and tyranny, and have propped up various tyrants for the past hundred years.  So to say that President Bush was just a puppet for them is wrong.  He may have helped to further along certain agendas during his presidency that in the long run will prove problematic in terms of our own creeping Police State in America, but I do not believe that the Wars were a mistake.  And I am grateful we are surging in Afghanistan.  The Surge in Iraq was a total success and I would encourage everyone to take an hour and watch this documentary from The Institute for the Study of War: The Surge, The Whole Story, which I have not yet seen, but have watched this clip from the movie:  (I also followed the surge reports from various Military Bloggers).

I suppose the important question at this point is,  “What Agendas are playing out in American Society right now?”  “Is there anything I can do to turn the tide away from a complete tyrannical takeover of American Sovereignty by World Government Elites?”  And do I have any sort of a responsibility if I happen to share BAD information with my readers, who tend to be Stay at Home Moms into home birth and whole foods?  I would hate to be someone who is just puffing and blathering to no avail and simply dismissed as a tin foil hat conspiracy whacko as I was on Free Republic the other day when I shared more information about Vaccines causing miscarriage.

I’m willing to risk being accused of being a conspiracy nut, heck some believe I am whacked simply because I’m a Mormon.  But I don’t want anyone to watch one of these movies and say Jenny put that on her blog so that is exactly what she believes and knows to be true.

As I also said before while linking to an Alex Jones article, the only Sovereign Person in my life who I give complete and total allegiance to is Jesus Christ.  The rest of my links, quotes, and sharing from various thinkers and writers in the marketplace of ideas is simply “food for thought”.

Here are the two extreme polar opposites on the 9-11 story.  I suggest you watch em both, and then decide for yourself what fits and what seems odd.  Nothing is hurt by asking questions.  I suppose at this point my biggest question is about the insurance policy taken out on the world trade center a couple weeks before the towers came down.  That might be a good place to start.

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