Videos and Pictures from the Australian “Our Bodies” Rallies

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On the 18th February, 2010 in 14 locations across Australia, 1000’s of people rallied to register their protest at the Rudd Government policies that threaten to restrict options for women.

Jane Palmer’s wonderful video montage of the rallies for women’s right to choose what happens to their bodies in childbirth

And some media on the ‘issue’

The Sunrise piece that seems to have stirred up the Government

a TV piece from Chan 7 yesterday;

Nicola Roxon’s response to collaboration agreements.

Roxon says: “I’m unapologetically on the record as saying let’s encourage people across the health services spectrum to work together and make sure that women can safely choose options that are good for them and suit them..” 

That’s great in theory and obviously something that sounds very reasonable. 

The question then has to be asked: So why not restrict doctors work unless they collaborate – they are the ones who make things difficult! 

In reality, Roxon’s ‘encouragement’ is only fueling the power imbalances and women are caught in the ‘rip’.

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Posted by Michelle Meares on February 19th, 2010 in Blog
 Women and their families protest across Australia in 15 different locations to tell PM Kevin Rudd and Minister Roxon what they think of his maternity reforms – Photo Credit Miriam Ackroyd 

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What will it take for Kevin Rudd to listen to women, and put the needs of Australian families ahead of the Australian Medical Association?

A National Day of Action was held yesterday at 15 different locations Australia wide as women and their families across the country joined together to send Minister Roxon and PM Rudd a clear message – we say NO to your maternity reforms which take away our right to self-determination in health care. 

The news laws currently in the Senate will remove a woman’s basic right to make decisions about the type of birth she has, the place of birth and her care provider. 

Women have been protesting against this new legislation which puts power in the hands of the medical profession, instead of placing women at the centre of decisions made about their care during pregnancy and birth. The Australian Medical Association has lobbyed the Federal Government hard for changes to this legislation and women say NO – you must place our rights ahead of the Dcotor’s pay packets. 

Gosford Rally outside MP Belinda Neals office - Member for Robertson
Gosford Rally outside MP Belinda Neals office – Member for Robertson (Credit: Tracy Beveridge) 

Women will not give up on this issue and our elected MPs must listen to the voices of women in their electorates who believe that while women may seek advice from their doctor ultimately they have the right to make decisions about their bodies and their babies. 

We ask our politicians:
How is it that a Doctors opinion or advice (however learned) will be able to override the long established legal rights of a woman to informed consent and right of refusal?



Government Response 

National Coverage 



Sunrise Channel 7 - map of rally locations Sunrise Channel 7 – map of rally locations 



  • NBN News
  • Express Advocate


Coffs Coast 



The National Day of Action was covered by newspapers, radio and tv stations Australia wide. Thank you for the support and helping inform the Australian public about this important issue.

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