El Marco: Americas Teaparty Movement

Another great Photo Essay from El Marco

In 2009 big things happened in America.

 Some were good and some were not. One of the good big things was the birth of the Tea Party Movement. It is made up of angry Americans of every socioeconomic, ethnic, and racial stripe. They have been called the happiest, most courteous, hardworking and responsible angry people in the world. (They have been called other things too, but I’ll get to that later.) They see their movement as a great revolt against years of fiscally ruinous, unconstitutional misrule by a corrupt political class in Washington and the States.”

This post from El Marco documents a year of teaparty activism, read the whole thing, it is simply excellent…

Here is the link to my own teaparty documentation on You Tube.

I have now retired from street activism and don’t plan to attend any of the Colorado Events this year, but am with those who are going to take to the streets one hundred percent~!

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