Time to “Go Galt” with your health care

Last year at the first Colorado Teaparty in february of 2009 I gave the opening remarks.

Reporter Wendy Norris chased me down after my remarks for a quick interview before Benjamin and I left for home because we were FREEZING cold.  Here is her take on my speech:

“One hundred enthusiastic Atlas Shrugged fans braved chilly temperatures on the east steps of the Colorado capitol Friday as part of a nationwide “tea party” protest to rail against the federal stimulus package and the government, in general.

Beyond the typical conservative-Libertarian rhetoric was some practical advice on how to “shrug these parasites off our backs” like opening a black market in your own garage.

Jenny Hatch of Louisville kicked off the event with a reading from the fictional anti-government manifesto Atlas Shrugged by libertarian darling Ayn Rand.

Hatch implored the crowd of mainly middle-aged white folk to shrug off medical care, run a subsistence farm with a garden, cows and chickens, and create a black market barter-and-trade system with like-minded neighbors. Presumably all in an effort to block government interference in one’s life from the ills of federally-monitored health care, food inspection, trade regulation and monetary systems.

Flanked by hand-made Obama-is-a-socialist signs in the crowd, the Louisville mom of five thanked the smattering of Republicans, conservatives, Libertarians, one self-disclosed Democrat and “creme de la creme Constitutionalists” for helping to drive out the “Marxist moonbats in Washington, DC.”

I said it then and I’ll say it again today in this post on health care.  The most important thing you can as a citizen of America is to “Go Galt” with your health care.  Take personal responsibility for your own health and if you have children, take more responsibility for the health of your family.  The number one thing that happens in American Hospitals is Childbirth.  Sixty One percent of all hospitalizations are in one way or another related to birth, and so I would challenge the Mothers of America to learn the skills of natural mothering and start planning now to give birth quietly at home.

The second principle I outlined in that speech in order to live “under the radar” of the Marxists, was to grow as much of your own food as possible.  By growing your own vegetables, fruits, nuts, and perhaps even your own grains, potatoes, and beans, individual citizens could easily live on a subsistence farm completely self reliant from commercial food sources.  This is a dream that Paul and I have.  And I look forward to someday owning some property where we could grow our own food and live completely off the grid.

The third way I challenged citizens to “Go Galt” was to prepare now to barter and trade with neighbors.  Bartering takes citizens out of the tax loop and allows for “free” trade without the sticky fingers of government tax collectors to step in and and steal the fruits of your labors.  Running a Barter Based black market out of your basement or garage could be the way to circumvent taxes and the inherent “pooling” of resources that will be used to prop up the various socialistic parasitic government plans that are now being prepared to soak the American Producers at the expense of the American Parasites.

An example of this type of living would be a mother who has the skills of teaching music, cutting hair, or tutoring in math trading her skill or service in exchange for a bushel of apples, a couple pounds of home made soap, or some home baked bread.  Instead of a cash transaction being conducted, a barter or trade could easily replace the money, and nobody in government would ever be able to steal anything from the trade.  If a huge number of American Citizens started to live this way overnight…  it would lead to the inevitable collapse of the American Socialistic State that much more quickly.

I would challenge anyone who would like to understand these principles more fully to take the time to read Atlas Shrugged and study the philosophy of Objectivism.

Americans are intelligent and innovative people and if you are someone who feels as strongly as I do that your tax dollars not be used to pay for Abortions, learning this new way of living and thinking will enable all of us to participate in the American Economy without propping up those systems that are revolting to our morality.

Jenny Hatch

Teapartiers have vowed to keep fighting this system of health care, on the streets and in the courts, but I believe the best way to “fight” is just to shrug and Go GALT! And then let it melt into the vast, behemoth of nothingness that it is…


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