Eileen Dannemann on The Jenny Hatch Radio Show

Click HERE to listen to my interview with Eileen and CLICK HERE to watch this interview as a video.

Eileen Dannemann of Progressive Convergence

Click to read the data on Eileens site about Miscarriages caused by the H1N1 Vaccine

Data on the H1N1 Related Miscarriages:

Eileen Dannemann on The Jenny Hatch Show on Video (Complete 60 min. interview at One True Media):

I decided to read several dozen of the miscarriage stories collected on Eileens site on June 11th, 2010 on my Radio Show.  That same day I made a movie of the stories at One True Media.

Eileen Dannemann

If you have a story to share with Eileen, please contact her at Progressive Convergence.

Just a note on the videos.
When I was creating these vids, I thought about getting some content that would include what it looks and feels like for a Mother to miscarry a babe to illustrate how horrifying this experience is.
Instead I chose to share some pictures and videos of how joyful having a new baby is.  I shared some video content from my own births as well as newborn shots of my five children.  One True Media also has cute stock content that I used for the movie.
A side of me would love to just shove a bunch of dead babes, funeral pictures, and pictures of grieving parents and older siblings to truly illustrate how much damage has been done with this recent vaccine.  But I would imagine with the passion of the Mothers involved, those pictures, videos, and testimonials will be coming soon.
Parents, if you lost a child during this Genocide, please contact me and I will publish your story in this Magazine.

Jenny Hatch

I will share a photo of a six week miscarried babe found at Jill Staneks Site, just so we can all be clear that babies under ten weeks are indeed people who have been killed.

Blessing, a baby miscarried at six weeks gestation


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