Book of Mormon Musical

Click on the image to read the online version of The Book of Mormon

As a Faithful Mormon and a lover of Musical Theatre, I have followed this story with great interest the past few months.

I don’t know that I can credibly critique a show that I have yet to see, but two friends who are both LDS who have seen it said: “But Cornett was “pleasantly surprised that the writers’ usual middle-school-grade crudeness was virtually absent.” and “Everything you have heard is true. But worse.“…

I trust both of my friends opinions.

I am for artistic freedom and completely endorse the idea of free speech through any medium, even when that speech mocks what is most sacred in my life. As I listened to this song from the show performed on the Tony Awards last night, I had to nod in agreement with just about everything that was articulated in the lyrics. I do believe with every particle of my being that Jesus is the Christ and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is his Kingdom on the Earth.

More from Rolling Stone

And for those of my friends open minded enough to give the real Book of Mormon a read, here is a link to the online version…  it is my favorite Book.

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