Road trip w/ Jeff and Andy

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A couple weeks ago Jeff and Andy started making noise about wanting to take a road trip to California.  Paul and I talked it over and we told the boys that they could take the trip, but two conditions had to be met first:

1.  They had to take the trip north to Montana

2.  Mom had to be sitting in the back seat

We had a great time traveling to Jackson Wyoming and then up to West Yellowstone Montana, hitting the Rexburg Temple, BYU Idaho, the Playmill Theatre (Where I was an actor the summer of 1987), and most of the west side of Yellowstone Park in the process.

It was a great time with my two boys and I am so glad we said yes.  I truly tried to stay a fly on the wall as Jeff did most of the driving and I just offered little bits of Motherly advice….like, “Hey Boys, A blizzard is blowing outside the tent and we have no source of heat…maybe we should bail and find a motel room.”

As I tried to get warm the third night of our trip with a blizzard blowing and ice caking on the inside of the tent walls I had the thought that I could wake up to 2 dead teenagers in the morning.

So that night we stayed at the Best Western in West Yellowstone and then upgraded from the tent site to a cabin at the KOA.  It was a once in a lifetime trip that I will never forget.  I made a short You Tube Video hosted below and all of the photos and video are hosted at One True Media.

Jenny Hatch

Click to watch: Trip to Yellowstone, Complete Movie at One True Media

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