Provident Living: Food Storage and 72 Hour Kits

These past few months I have been doing a huge overhaul of our Food Storage, re-boxing all of the cans, throwing away old food (fifteen year old oatmeal is YUCKY!), and inventorying all of our food.  I also plan to do a canning project this week, that I will blog later, canning approximately 500 pounds of grains, seeds, and beans to bump our storage  back up to the one year level.  We are going to empty out all of the water barrels and restock them, and we purchased new filters for our Shaklee Whole House System and our Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier.

I feel like I should mention once again that the main reason I learned how to give birth alone at home was because of end times prophecies around societal chaos.  With that commotion revving up quite a bit the past ten years, I want to testify that all Mothers should learn some basics around self reliant mothering just in case they can’t get to a hospital to give birth and the baby formula is sold out at the store…

Jenny Hatch

PS I know I have shared these videos before, but here are my Provident Living You Tubes taped in 2006, with four year old Benjamin “helping” every step of the way.

Tour of Hatch Storage Room

Tour of Storage Room #2

Tour of Storage Room #3

72 Hour Kit

72 Hour Kit #2

Healthy Families Make A Healthy World!

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