A spoonful of sugar (Makes the whole grains and Flax go down)

I bake whole grain baked goods every day.  Muffins, cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls, pizza.  My family is always chowing down the foods I create, especially if  they are slathered with cheese or sugar.

I made these granola bars six days ago on monday, double batch with whole wheat flour and a whole cup of golden flax seeds. Sometimes if I make things “too healthy” my family does not eat the baked goods.  But if I slather some cream cheese frosting on old cinnamon rolls or muffins, or some chocolate frosting on week old granola bars, they magically disapear.

Once in a while I will come out in the kitchen and a little mouse, named Benjamin, will have LICKED the frosting off the baked goods.  But he knows Mama has feelings on that score, so generally they eat the whole grain goody.  I was thrilled to wake up from my sunday afternoon nap and see that platter of bars greatly diminished down to two.

Jenny Hatch

Jenny with roses after Annie
The WHOLE GRAIN catagory of my blog has many tutorials and videos on how to cook with whole foods. Enjoy the archives!

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Here I am at 41 weeks pregnant with Benjamin. His cousin Dylan was napping while I dozed and sipped raspberry leaf tea.
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