A comment on Joanna Brooks Blog regarding “Equality is not a feeling”

Here is a little chat I had with a gal in the comment section of Joanna Brooks Blog.  It further clarifies my position.

Jenny Marie Hatch 

“I am wondering who is paying Joanna and Kate to organize and agitate naive young LDS Women… Click HERE.

Sara Anne to Jenny Marie Hatch

I don’t even consider myself a part of the Ordain Women movement, and I still find your thoughts in this post offensive. I also can’t believe that you could possibly fault someone for her “well timed book rollout” and public appearances when the entire right hand side of your blog is filled from top to bottom with self-promoting advertisements for your own financial endeavors and public appearances.

Jenny Marie Hatch  to sara anne

Sara Anne,

Media appearances on the level that Joanna has enjoyed are never an accident. They ALWAYS further someones agenda. The elites reserve a unique level of hate for the happy and contented Home Maker, because she stands at the crossroads of all of their agendas and plans for the collapse of the American Family.

I have no problem with anyone promoting, selling, or writing books on any topic. The common themes for all of my work is “Mother, get your butt back in the Kitchen”, so Joanna and her feminist friends are my ideological foes.

I have a deep understanding of psychological media campaigns designed to breed discontent in certain populations. And I am just cynical enough to believe that the contented mormon homemaker would be high on Madison Avenues list to target.

LDS Men are the kindest, most well behaved, gentle souls on Planet Earth. And the sisters of the church would do well to get on their knees every night to thank God for the blessing of having them in their lives.”

Go read all of the comments on the blog, it will provide quite a cross section of thoughts on this topic.

Jenny Hatch


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